The Most Popular Types of Indoor Door Handles


Given the fact that doors, or to be more precise hardware door handles, are the most commonly used items in the home, choosing them wisely could save you a lot of trouble later on. Except for being the only way with which you can open a door in order to enter or exit a room, door handles also play a huge role in the look and style of the doors.

In fact, they’re considered the most crucial accent of doors with which you can easily upgrade the doors’ look. So, whether looking for a way to elevate the bathroom, living room, any other room in your home, or perhaps you’re just looking for quality door handles, here’s how you can make the right choice.

Consider the Many Types of Indoor Door Handles

Lever Handles

hand on lever door handle

Also known as door levers, these handles are the most popular type of door handles in both residential and public facilities. They’re available in numerous designs, sizes, colours and looks, but the most important thing you should know about them is that they are divided into two groups: lever handles on rose and lever handles on backplate.

Lever handles on a rose are considered more modern and contemporary types of handles, designed to sit on a round or square rose. Usually, these door handles can be operated with a latch and allow for the use of a separate locking mechanism for added security. They come with a thumb turn lock and a door lock and keyhole cover for a neater and tidier finish.

Lever handles on backplates are the traditional type of door handles which sit on a backplate. These handles are available with three operating hardware door mechanisms: lever lock, lever bathroom and lever latch. The lever lock handles can provide you with great security and privacy because of the keyhole through which the door handle operates.

Lever bathroom door handles have a thumb turn lock that can be locked and unlocked easily from the inside. However, they can also be unlocked from the outside by turning the coin slot in case of an emergency. As the name implies, these door handles are mainly used in bathrooms and bedrooms where more privacy is required.

And lastly, lever latches are mainly used for interior doors that don’t need to be locked. The mechanism of these doors is pretty simple as all you’ll need to do is to push the door handle down for the door to be opened.

Pull Handles

door pull handle close up

Another easy and more modern way to update the look of your doors is with the help of pull out handles. The most important thing to know about these appealing hardware door accessories is that they are available in a range of types, and they allow for easy door opening and closing.

Pull handles on a rose, pull handles on a backplate, back to back pull handles, bolt through pull handles and face fix handles are the common types of pull out door handles. The pull handles on a rose are fitted into a round rose and they are one of the most commonly used types of door hardware, mainly used on modern and elegant doors.

The pull out handles on a backplate have a more traditional look and they allow for being used in commercial facilities as well. The back to back pull out handles are mainly used on entrance and internal doors, and except in residential homes, these door handles can also be found in many restaurants, offices and many other commercial buildings.

The bolt through pull handles have a bolt that is designed to pass through the door after which it’s fixed by a nut at the opposite side. And finally, face fix handles are pull handles with visible screw fixings.

Door Knobs

decorative door knob close up

As the name implies, knobs are types of handles designed to be opened and closed with the help of a rotating mechanism. Door knobs are mainly used for internal doors as a substitute for lever handles. Just like lever and pull out handles, you can also choose from a large selection of knob hardware door types like dummy door knobs, passage door knobs, privacy door knobs and keyed entry doorknobs.

The most interesting thing about dummy door knobs is that they don’t have a rotating mechanism in order to be opened or closed. Instead, they’re designed to be pulled to open the door and they find common use in cabinet and wardrobe doors.

Passage door knobs have a latch and need to be rotated so the door could be opened. Usually, they’re used in hallway doors or in rooms that don’t require any privacy. On the other hand, privacy door knobs are designed to provide privacy in a room which is why they have a twist lock that only functions from one side.

This feature makes knobs the ideal choice for bedroom and bathroom doors. But in case of an emergency, these door knobs also allow for being unlocked from the outside. Lastly, keyed entry doors have a lock and key mechanism on both sides of the door, and they are perfect for rooms that are in need of greater security.

As you can see, both knobs and levers are available in different types, giving you the opportunity to choose according to your personal preference. An important thing to have in mind is to choose a material, style, colour, design and finish accordingly to the door and the surrounding area.