Ways to Enjoy Your Patio During the Winter

classic outdoor chairs for patio

The end of the summer and autumn season doesn’t have to put an end to using your patio. With so many options for creating a cozy outdoor space, you can use this amazing area of your home without compromising your health and well-being even in winter.

All it takes is adding a few changes here and there to start enjoying the chilly winter air whenever you want. Plus, considering the fact that exposing yourself to lower temperatures is healthy why not try it?!

Improve Your Comfort with Synthetic Wicker and Metal Chairs

When speaking of quality, durability and style, no other natural material can compete with teak. So, it isn’t strange that a lot of people rely on teak outdoor chairs as their one and only seating options. But given the fact that teak is a type of wood, if exposed to water and moisture for a long period of time it could show some signs of damage.

Plus, you can’t seat on moist wood since you’ll get wet. For that, and for many reasons more, it would be best if you invest in metal and synthetic wicker chairs. Easy to clean and care for, these classic outdoor chairs are stylish and modern looking, great for being used throughout the year. In order to clean them from rain, snow or even dust, all you’ll need is to wipe them down with a clean cloth and that’s it.

classic outdoor chairs
source: trexfurniture.com

Since they don’t absorb moisture like wood can, these classic outdoor chairs are perfect for being used especially in winter. Fortunately, they don’t compromise on appearance, style, durability and quality, which is why a lot of people decide to use them throughout the year without having to make a double investment.

However, if your patio isn’t set under an open sky and it’s covered instead, then you have all the freedom in the world to fulfil your desire and invest in the stunning and warm looking teak patio chairs. The most amazing thing about both metal and wood chair sets is that they are flexible and can suit any kind of outdoor setting. The key is to consider all of your needs and options, in order to be able to make the right choice. Either way, you cannot go wrong since both of these chair types have their character and beauty.

Stay Warm by Installing Outdoor Gas Heater

Adding blankets to your outdoor seating area will not only provide you with a bit of warmth, but it’ll also add to the look of your outdoor area. It will make it look homier and warmer. However, when seating for a longer period of time outdoors, and in one place, blankets might not be enough to provide you with the needed warmth on chiller days with temperatures around zero degrees.

Adding an outdoor gas heater works like a charm in providing you with the needed warmth on such occasions. They’re perfect for extending the outdoor season and giving you the chance to enjoy your patio year-round. Being available in numerous sizes, shapes and designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your patio. When it comes to the type of fuel, you can choose between natural gas and propane gas heaters, out of which the latter are among the most commonly used.

outdoor gas heater
source: directstoves.com

They’re easier to use, highly portable and available in an endless array of designs. You can easily distinguish propane gas heaters since they don’t have any fixed fuel lines. Instead, they have a propane bottle hidden inside the heater. Except for not compromising design and style, these heaters don’t compromise safety as well. They’re made to meet strict safety standards which makes them completely safe to use in the presence of children and pets.

And the last but not least, you should know these heaters aren’t an expensive investment. In fact, they’re designed to provide you with all of the benefits an outdoor heater is supposed to give you without costing you an arm and a leg. The one thing you should carefully consider when in the search of the right heater is its size and design if you want it to provide you with the needed warmth while being able to meet the look of your outdoor seating area.

Relax and Unwind in a Hot Tub

As we already mentioned, spending some time in the cold is healthy, and there really is no better way of warming up a little when outdoors than in a hot tub. Yup, that’s right. Whether you have free space on your patio or near it, you should certainly try this phenomenon of beating the winter cold in a relaxing hot tub.

All it takes is to cover the designated area in order to keep it clean and protect it from rain and snow and buy hot tub according to your needs. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round. Now, it’s understandable that a lot of you might be hesitant about this, but the truth is that enjoying a hot tub outdoors in winter can improve your immune system. It’s said that regular dips in a hot tub can elevate blood cell production by improving your blood circulation. And since these cells are known as healing cells, when their production is accelerated, they start attacking every germ or toxin in your body.

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source: ecomena.org

This, on the other hand, decreases your chances of getting a virus and improves your immune system. What’s more, it’s said that a daily dip in a hot tub can also help you relax and reduce those stress levels. Unfortunately, these days we cannot hide or protect ourselves from stress, so finding a way to manage those stress levels is crucial for the health and overall well-being. The hot water from your tub in a combination with the jet massagers can soothe your tired and tense muscles.

Thanks to that, you’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll send your brain signals to let go of that stress that has been accumulated in your mind and body and promote the production of dopamine. All in all, it’s said that hydrotherapy can positively affect a lot of systems in the body, so why not take advantage of it?! Go online, browse for the best model, buy hot tub and benefit from it on a daily basis.