Panel Trolleys Make Product Transport Easier


It might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at the fact about how many warehouse supervisors or managers aren’t aware of the benefits of having a well-organized and managed warehouse. While some things are extremely costly, others are perfectly affordable, and there is no reason why they should be neglected. There are various different benefits of having all the right equipment like trolleys, to transport your equipment around the warehouse, and to its loading bay.

panel trolley

First and foremost, a well-organised and well-equipped warehouse makes your employees do their job in a more efficient manner. It can improve the accuracy of customer orders, which makes your customers happy, and you get revenue in return. Anything that has to be shipped should be labeled properly, and transported in a safe fashion.

For instance, a panel trolley is ideal for transporting items around the warehouse, or from the warehouse to the loading bay. Bulky goods like mattresses, plaster boards, timber sheets, and so on can be transported safely and efficiently with an affordable investment like the panel trolley. These trolleys are typically heavy-duty equipment and have huge load capacities (over 2 tons).

So, instead of “forcing” your employees to carry hard items by hand over lengthy distances, a trolley will make their, and your job much easier. You’ll have satisfied employees and satisfied customers. Work-related injuries are a big deal, and you shouldn’t risk having your employees getting hurt because of both moral and financial reasons.

There are various different types of trolleys, all of which can serve a different purpose, and have their advantages and disadvantages in carrying certain types of items. The most common types are panel trolleys, platform trolleys and wagon trolleys. Typically, the more heavy-duty models are made of stainless steel, while the light-duty ones are made of aluminium.

Panel and wagon trolleys are ideal for heavy items, and platform trolley are ideal for lighter items. There are several varieties of each trolley, some can be caged and closed, multi-platform, have handles on one or either sides, etc. However, they do have some things in common as well, like sturdy wheels and chassis, and a rugged build.

Moreover, a properly organised and equipped warehouse will prevent mess and set-backs. You’ll have increased storage space and reduced clutter. Proper warehouse shelving can help you in this regard, and allow you to store more items. However, if you have trolleys and other transport machinery like forklifts, you might want to get shelves that are accessible.