R.M. Williams: A Modern Spin to a Vintage Style


Cowboy boots have historical importance. Actors have worn them, presidents have worn them – and for that matter, actors who became presidents too (you guessed it, it’s Ronald Reagan). While there are a number of men who spend their life without ever wearing such type of boots, my advice to you is – don’t be that man.

Granted, when thinking about cowboy boots, men often visualize John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. But, in time, style and fashion have changed, and the classic cowboy boots have reached a more modern look. One brand that stands out is R.M.Williams. These are widely appreciated shoes that are rugged enough for the outback, but stylish enough for the street. And it gets better…

cowboy boots

Made to Last

The secret to the long lifespan of these boots is the way they are constructed. Namely, they are made from one continuous piece of heavy-duty leather which is seamlessly stitched together in the back of the boot. The way they are made makes them 100% waterproof and significantly less prone to any kind of damage.

Exquisite Materials

On top of being long-lasting, these cowboy boots also retain their polished look for years to come. They are made of high-quality full grain leathers, and depending on your preferences, you can find ones made of yearling, veal calf, kangaroo or suede.

Yearling is considered the most popular one. It is a highly attractive material, a soft and mildly grainy type, which is thicker than kangaroo and veal calf leathers. Boots made of yearling can be found in black, chestnut, dark tan and tan colours.

The veal calf leather is taken from a young animal and is available in black and chestnut shades. It is soft and fine-grained and polishes up beautifully. This material is most often used for dressier models.

Kangaroo is the toughest leather, and if you prefer this type then you are advised to choose a narrower fitting boot. The reason is that the thin and supple leather makes the boot run a half-width wider.

And lastly, suede is the inner layer of the natural skin of the animal, and it’s a bit less durable when compared to full grain leathers. It is an absorbent material that feels soft and looks great.

Eye-Catching Design

When initially made, these shoes were intended to be especially useful for country workers, horse riders and outdoorsmen who needed proper feet protection against harsh conditions. Besides being waterproof, the hard-wearing rubber sole makes them non-slippery and also resistant to oil, acid and heat. However, this brand of cowboy boots has found a partner in well-tailored suits, and in the street and peppy style too. You can wear them to formal events or for casual outings with a pair of jeans and a shirt with rolled up cuffs.