Nomon Clock: The Home Accessory Proving Time Can Be Stylish

nomon clocks

Living in a world led by technology, it’s impossible not to perceive the benefits it’s provided us over the years, one of them being the chance to use the internet whenever and wherever we want.

If there’s something I love about this availability of information, it’s definitely having the chance to take a look at all the design blogs and videos, get inspired and add changes within my home without overspending.


Recently, I came across an article on how you can achieve a grand makeover only using the help of clocks. Imagine my face when I was reading it! At first I didn’t think it was possible for me to pull it off but that was before I came across the stylish Nomon clock.

Though Spanish, specifically from Barcelona, it’s a brand we’re lucky to have here in Australia too from trusted retailers, and I say lucky because Nomon is a brand known as the leader in indoor clocks, with their ingenious designs present in over 80 countries around the world.

The aesthetic essence of these clocks comes from the founder, José María Reina, a self-taught designer who merged furniture and jewellery, creating the Axioma clock, the very beginning of a new concept of clocks that’s equally beautiful as functional, turning them into the decorative pieces they are.

Of course, the Nomon clock design didn’t win me over only with its exterior but the inside too, specifically the natural materials its made of, like FSC-certified wood and steel, plus the brass finish or coloured lacquer, and of course the German quartz mechanism; this is the recipe for perfection and durability.

Another fact that makes these clocks stand out from others is all of them are hand-crafted which further adds to their uniqueness. As soon as I started finding out more about them, I knew I had to buy some for my home.

At first I only thought of getting one or two for the living room but taking a look at all the extensive range of different styles, I ended up filling my home with them, one after the other.

After spending more time than expected in making the decisions, I got the 2 Puntos to fill up an empty wall in the living room, and I have to say it’s really the accessory I’ve been looking for, then the Delmori wall clock for the kitchen big enough to notice it whenever I need to keep track of timing when cooking, the Puntero table clock for the cabinet in the entryway which adds a luxurious feeling and the gold finish Cris for my bedroom.

The result is so much better than I could’ve imagine and now I’m never worried about being late or lacking stylishness in my abode!