The Way to Sustainability: Small Changes Lead to Great Impact


    You’ve probably come across some of the sustainability trends which are spreading all over the globe and with reason; They’re not going to be one of those cases of passing trends, on the contrary the whole concept of sustainability is turning more into a mindset because it’s got to do with protecting the environment and everyone can do something about it.

    It wouldn’t take you much to make it part of your life as it can be implemented on various aspects, including cleaning. For example, what it took you before to clean the office and home was purchasing cleaning supplies such as chemicals and cleaning cloths, but you can accomplish a lot by ditching these and opting for biodegradable cleaning products and bags of rags instead.

    You must be thinking okay biodegradable versus chemicals makes sense but what difference does it make whether you choose new or used cloths and the answer is there’s a huge difference.

    cleaning with rags

    For one, there’s the economical reason having in mind you get more cleaning rags for less money because there’s no production process involved with them, they’re old cloths, so if you’re willing to save up without it being at the expense of cleaning itself, this is it.

    Also, you’d be helping others by making this choice because it takes hiring people to create the bags of rags, working in sorting jobs revolving around cutting used clothing, inspecting it and packing it up. Sure, they may not look as appealing as the new cloths but there’s a great advantage to the “used” feature of rags.

    It doesn’t matter whether they come from T-shirts, towels or flannelette, they’ve all been used time and time again which also implies they’ve been washed over and over, and it’s exactly this that makes them far more efficient than the new option because the texture of the fabrics changes after every wash, a process that’s made them far more absorbent.

    This is a property that makes for easy and fast cleaning as opposed to cloths that were never used before since water just rolls off them. Plus, from an eco-friendly perspective, you won’t have to worry about dye leaching from the fibres when cleaning with the rags.

    Furthermore, considering they’re used then recycled there should be no doubt on their positive impact when it comes to sustainability as they help reduce the waste, something of importance when you think about the Australian throwaway culture.

    This is the proof of how a small change can have a great outcome!