Ditch Grocery Shopping – Listing the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Workout Meal Plan For Women

In the fast-paced world of today, people are busier than ever before. Many of them just don’t have the time and energy to spend on planning their meals every day, going grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterwards! This is where meal planning services save the day. This trend has been on the rise in the past couple of years and that’s for some rather obvious reasons.

Whether you are on a specific diet regimen, are vegan, you eat only gluten-free foods, etc., the company you choose will help you design your meal plans and have them delivered right at your doorstep whenever it’s most convenient for you. Eating healthy has never been easier, so if you want to try this trend but don’t know which company to rely on, here is a short list of the best meal delivery services.

Muscle Meals Direct

This is one of the most popular meal delivery services among enthusiastic and professional athletes across Australia. This company offers nutritionist-approved workout meal plan for women and men. Their meals are macro/portion-controlled and chef prepared which means that apart from being super healthy, they also taste great. Made with protein measurements and whole ingredients, any workout meal plan for women or men can be customised to meet the nutrition requirements of any regimen. They can deliver your meals right to your door or you can pick them up by from some of their 130 locations throughout Australia. When you are an active training person, the one thing you cannot afford to make is to skip a meal. Muscle Meals Direct will provide you with a unique workout meal plan that will help you achieve the best results of losing fat, getting toned and build muscle. Depending on your needs, you can order 12, 18 or even 24 meals per week.

Fresh Meals 2 U

Fresh Meals 2 U will provide you with an amazing range of easy and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack varieties. For example, for breakfast, you can enjoy delicious and healthy pancakes. The lunch choices include a range of tasty salads. For dinner, you can select something from salmon fillet to rump steak, while the healthy snacks cover a huge selection of amazing protein balls. To prepare their meals, they use fresh and high-quality meat, fish and poultry so you can enjoy protein-packed and delicious menu options. Each meal is carefully prepared and cooked by a professional chef.


This company is a bit different compared to others. Here you can select your own meal plan or you can even design your own box ( which is still designed by a nutritionist so you can get nothing but a well-balanced and healthy meal). Then, your order is cooked and delivered to your home or office. At Thr1ve you can find meal plans like “Active”, “Fat Burner”, “Light and Lean”, “Everyday Health”, “3-Day Real Food Reset” and “Cyclic Low Carb”. For their food preparation, this delivery service uses only the best seasonal and local products from Australia. Their meals have no preservatives or chemical nasties and no hidden sugars. For sweetening the food they use only natural sweeteners, such as honey.