Everything You Need to know About Outdoor Teak Furniture

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When it comes to purchasing furniture, the majority of homeowners desire high-quality pieces that will last for many years. Outdoor furniture is particularly difficult to maintain because it is subjected to a variety of weather conditions throughout the whole year. But if you choose teak you won’t have to worry about that as it is one of the most durable hardwoods on the planet. 

This durable material has been used as a boat-building material for almost 2,000 years, and it’s still chosen for decking and furnishings in luxury yachts today. The tight grain, high oil content, and high tensile strength of teak contribute to the wood’s exceptional weather resilience.

It’s All About the Natural Oils of Teak Wood

The weather’s effect on outdoor furniture is one of the most unpleasant aspects of it. While it may appear new when you first see it, the longer time it spends outside, the more the heat and other environmental conditions age it. That is not the case with teak outdoor furniture, as previously stated. The wood is naturally weather-resistant, whether it’s exposed to direct sunlight, rain, or snow. Why? Because of its natural oils!

Natural oils are found in all woods and help to protect the tree. Except for teak, most trees lose their oils when they are cut down and processed. Teak keeps its natural oils and resins, which protect it from the elements. These oils and resins are wonderful bug repellents, so you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about annoying bugs!

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Teak Wood Is Simple To Clean

If you’re looking to buy teak furniture to use by the pool, you will appreciate how easy it is to maintain your teak sunloungers in good shape. Dust, filth, and other stains on the wood can be removed with a basic mild soap and water solution. After that, all you have to do is rinse it with clean water. A cleaner made specifically for teak wood can assist in delicately lifting grease stains and leaving your wood looking clean and new if you’re having difficulties with tough stains like grease.

However, it’s possible to overclean your teak outdoor furniture and harm the wood’s inherent beauty, believe it or not. If you live in a dusty or humid region, you may want to clean your teak wood more frequently to keep the exposed surfaces free of mildew. But other than that, once or twice a year is good enough.

Design And Craftsmanship Are Just as Important

Teak furniture isn’t all made equal. That’s why it’s so critical to know the different grades of teak available before making a purchase. To begin with, you have Grade A teak. This is the highest grade available, as the name implies. This wood comes from the heart of a fully developed teak tree and is rich in natural oils, giving it a lovely, glossy finish.

Second, there’s Grade B teak. The key distinction between this and the Grade A choice is that it is made from the tree’s exterior heartwood. In terms of aesthetics, Grade B is a little lighter and less shiny than Grade A. Finally, Grade C teak is also available. This wood comes from the outside of a teak tree and is less expensive than Grade A and Grade B. It will also demand greater upkeep in general.

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It’s also critical to avoid furniture such as a table, chairs and teak sun loungers that have been patched with other materials, in addition to comprehending the different grades. Some producers, for example, include pine or cedar in their products. So, keep an eye on that. But if you want a cheaper, more affordable option and aren’t so interested in a long-term furniture investment this could be your solution.

Teak Garden Furniture Is Simply Stunning

Teak wood is one of the most appealing timbers for furniture producers, interior designers, and homeowners because of its colour and grain. As outdoor teak furniture ages and is exposed to the elements, its colours turn into an attractive silver grey. However, if your furniture, such as your teak sunloungers, is kept in a more sheltered location and is frequently oiled, it can keep its warm, golden hue. And, unlike other woods, the endurance of the wood allows designers and furniture producers to construct a wide range of pieces.

Also, don’t oil it to keep its natural beauty. Oiling teak furniture will not prevent the wood from greying, but it will encourage the growth of mould and mildew. If you find mould or mildew on your furniture, you’ll need to bleach it. Varnish or linseed oil should never be used since varnishes and polyurethane can cause the surface to peel or chip.

How to Tell if Teakwood is Real or Fake

When purchasing teak wood outdoor furniture, it’s critical to understand a few simple factors to ensure that you’re purchasing genuine teakwood. Many outdoor furniture pieces that are marketed as “great deals,” or “unbelievably low prices” are not made of teak. Instead, they’re made of Nyatoh, a sort of wood. While this is still good-looking and exotic hardwood, it lacks the hardness and durability of teak. Nyatoh is manufactured from sapwood that has been slowly dried.

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Nyatoh dries slower than teakwood and is more prone to splitting and warping. Water gets trapped in Nyatoh wood without frequent staining, causing it to decay. On the market, several furniture retailers sell “teak oiled wood furniture,” which is made from other wood but has been treated with teak oil. Over time, these teak oil treatments will deteriorate, so be careful. Too many people mistakenly believe their furniture is made of teakwood due to misunderstandings about what teakwood is.

Another trap is “teak-like” furniture. If a piece of furniture is described as “teak-like,” be sure to clarify what that term implies. Teakwood has a high silica content, which results in a stronger endurance to the elements. Furthermore, when left outside in the elements, true teakwood lasts 75 to 100 years. And this is the only sort of wood that can make such claims as a result.