The Best Materials Used for Garden Boxes


With gardening being among the favourite pastime activities because of bringing so many benefits to a person’s health, it is no surprise there are endless ways to design a garden. The contact with plants, taking care of their growth and attending to their watering and fertilising needs can make people more compassionate. Gardening can even help with some serious conditions such as depression. In a way, taking care of a plant is very much like taking care of a pet.

Having your own garden means you have certain responsibilities. For a plant to grow fully you have to provide the adequate nutrients which cannot always be found in the soil. You get to learn the signs of when a plant is in need of more water, when it got too much water by noticing the change in leaves. People have always relied on nature for food, so it is logical there has always been the search for better and easier ways to do gardening to simplify lives. This brought to the invention of garden boxes. Considering there are many types of garden boxes (planters) you will come across, it is important to know a thing or two more about the different materials used so you know how to choose some of the best.

Garden Wooden Box

The latest trend that is here to stay when it comes to preferences for the most convenient material are the HDPE planters. HDPE, which stands for high density polyethylene, is a material designed for endurance in all kinds of weather conditions. It is ideally made to be protected from UV rays and corrosion so no sun or rain exposure can damage it. There is a great variety of planters and you can easily pick your HDPE planter online. Most of these planters are usually made from recycled materials, so not only are they durable and long lasting, they are also environmentally friendly. They are washable, easy to maintain and when you look for your HDPE planter online you will be able to find a high quality self-watering planter that could take away your watering worry.

The first models of garden planters were made of wood. There are certain types of wood that can work greatly as planters; redwood and cedar are among the most durable choices you can get if you prefer having a wooden garden box. Though they are durable and will not rot (at least not considerably, if they do not have a finish added) their lifespan depends a great deal on weather conditions. You can have some treatment for your wooden planter to make it last longer. Since they are made of natural materials, these planters are also eco-friendly as they are biodegradable.

If you are up for a simpler, unrefined or vintage look for your garden, you can choose from the metal options such as steel or galvanised culverts. Though metal planters can be weather resistant, they heat up easily which can be bad for your plants. Concrete and rocks are among the rustic options as well. With proper installation, planters of these materials can last for a really long time.