Not Just for Nanas: Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with a Rocking Chair

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These days, we can see rocking chairs becoming a staple of modern homes, available in many different styles, variety of colours and made from different materials. Many associate rocking chairs with childhood memories of precious moments with their parents or grandparents, and lately these chairs are making a transition into modern rocking chairs that reinvent classics. 

The rocking chairs first emerged in the 1700s, but the rocking chair as we know it today started being popular in the 19th century when it became a part of home décor. Originally, the rocking chairs were intended as outdoor furniture, but today, designer rocking chairs can easily fit into different environments, from living rooms to nurseries. You want a modern rocking chair that will be comfortable and will last you for a long time, so here are some of the most popular styles you can choose from. 

Different Styles of Rocking Chairs

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Your home is your shelter from the worries of the outside world, so you want to decorate it with comfort and style. Decorating is a smart way to bring creativity to your oasis and choosing a modern rocking chair can add elegance and sophistication to your living space in a seemingly effortless way. But deciding which style of rocking chair to get can be a daunting task. Figure out the main reason why you want a rocking chair and think about where and how it will be used.


A traditional rocking chair is characterised by curved legs as a mechanism that rocks the chair back and forth. This is the oldest type of rocking chair you can find out there, but still one of the most popular. If you opt for one, keep in mind that it usually requires a large amount of floor space to function properly.


This type of rocking chairs, as the name suggests, allows you to recline the back of the chair, so you could enjoy the best of both worlds – rocking and reclining. However, very often the rocking and reclining functions can’t be used at the same time for safety purposes.


Spring rocking chair

A spring rocking chair is a combination of a traditional and glider rocker. It rocks back and forth supported by mounted springs. The mechanism is a little bit complicated and most of the times, designers prefer hiding it in a box underneath the base of the chair.


This type of rocking chairs uses a mechanism of hinges and levers, so the chair rocks back and forth on a flat plane. A glider chair is very comfortable and takes up a little space. Consider a model that has upholstered rather than openwork sides, so you’ll be able to keep your hands and feet away from moving parts.


A swivel rocking chair uses a mechanism that allows for rocking on more than one plane of motion. Not only that it can rock back and forth, but also it can swivel from side to side. This type of rocking chairs is usually constructed from rattan, including a protective screen around the metal-spring base.

Upholstered Seat on Solid Wood Rockers

Upholstered rocking chair

An upholstered seat on solid wood rockers can fit well almost any home décor, from vintage to chic and modern styles. Its classic design can blend with the rest of the furnishings easily and add some charm to the entire space.

Rocking Chair with Ottoman

If you’re sitting for long hours, it’s always a good idea to put your feet up as it can improve circulation. For that matter, a rocking chair with an ottoman is a great choice for adding some extra comfort to your everyday life.

The comfort of your rocking chair is a matter of personal preference. Since most rocking chairs are made with cosiness and comfort in mind, you may want to focus more on the design as it supposed to fit perfectly into your living space. Always select a rocking chair based on your home’s current décor, and don’t forget to check the measurement to make sure that it will fit into the intended area.

Benefits of Getting a Rocking Chair

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Apart from stylish appearance and comfort, your rocking chair can provide several health benefits as well, such as the following.

Soothing Effect on Babies

Rocking chairs have a soothing effect on babies and can help to calm your baby down and get him or her to sleep easily. It’s one of those practical items that’ll make your life easier( when the baby comes. According to some researches, rocking can promote parent-baby bonding and enhance emotional, social, cognitive and motor development in children.


Rocking is relaxing as it releases endorphins in the brain, which can significantly improve your mood and reduce stress. Sometimes there is nothing better than to sit in your rocking chair after a long day and enjoy some relaxing time for yourself.

Gentle Exercise

Modern rocking chair

Rocking a rocking chair can burn up to 150 calories per hour. While it may sound too good to be true, you can still exercise whilst sitting down. A rocking chair can be a great choice for doing some exercise for those who are not able to work out regularly.

Ease Back Pain and Symptoms of Arthritis

Using a rocking chair may reduce back pain and the symptoms of arthritis. Rocking increases blood flow, thus more oxygen is sent to the joints. The slight physical exertion, on the other hand, can help build up strength and flexibility in the knees.