Chrysler 200 Throttle Controller: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Vehicle


Owning a sedan looks cool and it also means that you’ll have more fun driving, but not if you have a family to look after. Well, the same thing can’t be said for the Chrysler 200 models. Why? Because this a stylish and powerful family sedan that comes with a V6 engine and an optional AWD system like most SUVs. The Chrysler 200 is a vehicle that many people own because of its gas mileage. It has an EPA rating of 10l/100km when driving in city traffic and 6.5l/100km on the motorway.

Owning a Chrysler 200 means you own a vehicle with a stylish interior and one that has an excellent crash-test score. There is also the option for a low-cost base model but you must keep in mind that you won’t get the performance you want. However, if you go for the Pentastar V6 engine you’ll have some fun driving the Chrysler 200. But like any other vehicle, regular maintenance is vital for longevity. But if you’re a gear head who wants to improve your Chryslers performance even further, you can consider getting an affordable device that will do wonders for both efficient fuel consumption, as well as speed up acceleration and towing ability – a throttle controller.

Electronic Throttle Controllers

What Are They?

evc throttle controller

As the throttle body in your Chrysler 200, an electronic throttle controller is a component that seeks to improve the use of fuel and acceleration. The stock electronic throttle control Chrysler 200 does this to help your engine get the right mixture of air and fuel. The same is done by an aftermarket electronic throttle controller, it’s just that it’s more precise and more versatile since you have control over it, rather than the vehicle’s ECU being in charge.

What do They do?

Just like a stock Chrysler electronic throttle control, an aftermarket throttle controller sends electric signals to the accelerator pedal via cables when you engage the pedal. The information that the signal contains tells the engine how much fuel and air it needs to compress together to create the controlled explosion in each chamber. This happens rapidly every time you apply pressure on the accelerator pedal and every time the valve opens to bring fuel into the chamber.

Benefits of Electronic Throttle Controllers

Fuel Economy

fuel economy

Because an electronic throttle controller has direct control over the fuel consumption in your Chrysler 200, it can help make for a more efficient engine. A more efficient engine uses less fuel every time you press the accelerator pedal without affecting performance. This way, not only do you save on fuel but you also help preserve the environment since your vehicle is using less fuel and thus, outputting fewer emissions. This can be especially the case if you have a diesel engine version which is by default more efficient than a petrol one.


Talking about performance, an aftermarket throttle controller can improve how your Chrysler performs on and off the road. Although a throttle controller is the size of your palm, it can make your Chrysler even more powerful as it comes with different modes that allow you to change the amount of fuel your Chrysler 200 uses and the way it accelerates with the push of a button.

Types of Throttle Controllers


Simple and straightforwards, a basic electronic throttle controller will only help determine the best time to open the throttle up. Some come with a great number of different settings and modes to give you a more tailored experience and others come with just a few. There are electronic throttle control Chrysler 200 compatible devices that have up to 16 different throttle settings.

evc controller


If you want to be able to control more than just the throttle opening time then you should go with an advanced throttle controller. Alongside being able to affect throttle body responsiveness, advanced throttle controllers can also display menus and information about your vehicle. They come with screens that are usually big enough to display one or two lines of text. These units are often called power programmers or power tuners.

How Do I Reset My Electronic Throttle Control Manually?

While resetting your Chrysler’s electronic throttle control can be a bit complicated, it is not impossible. Sometimes, this is needed to bring back the default factory settings of the throttle response time and make your vehicle work the same it did when you got it. To reset your Chrysler’s electronic throttle control manually, you need to make sure that you have the accelerator pedal fully disengaged. After that, you need to turn the ignition on and then off again. Wait for about 10 seconds, and while waiting, ensure that the throttle valve is moving. You’ll usually be able to hear its operation. After the ten seconds have passed, you can rest assured that the electronic throttle control on your Chrysler 200 has been reset.