There is nothing more sacred than one person’s beliefs and convictions. As I was going through adolescence I stopped believing in God, but then through my adulthood, I rediscovered Christianity once again. Living in a world where atheists and agnostics are taking over, Lee Strobel strikes back with style! Every day my prayers are with those people that lost their minds through disbelief and close their eyes to the great light of Christ. Let my words inspire you, because once upon a time I was just like you, close minded, mocking Christianity, the church and God himself. Everything changed when I came in a contact with The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel. I was once more awakened, thanks to the historic facts presented within the book and once again I was able to feel the love of God.

In his book, Lee Strobel takes every analytical and historical fact, testament or an interview and explains it in detail in a way that enlightens your souls and makes you feel again as a whole. For some of us, evidence is important, we all have our inner doubting Thomas, after all, we live in a world where it becomes harder and harder to believe in something that is not perceived.


In the first part of The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel, the author takes all bits and pieces of evidence and depicts them in a way that any type of reader (regardless of their age, sex and education) can fully understand what God is all about. In the first two chapters, Strobel interviews Blomberg about the four gospels. The personal opinion of Blomberg is that there is a lot of evidence showing that the gospels were written by the four apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, hence they are eye-witnessing testimony of the events that occurred in the 1st A.C. What personally touched me was the way Strobel resolved the discussion with Blomberg, finding their common ground every single time.

Even conservative critiques admit that the books of the New Testament existed firstly as oral traditions. According to Strobel, the first testaments were written around 30 years after the resurrection of Christ.

Stroble’s third and most notable point is to analyze the way USA adopted the bible’s philosophy and created the greatest country in the world. This model leads Strobel to make his conclusion, that the new Testament writers got every geographical term right because in fact they were living in that age and time were well educated and witnesses of the story Jesus Christ, the son of God.

The Case For Christ by Lee Strobe is a masterpiece, written in the most analytical manner and enriched with facts that silent even the greatest sceptics. If you have ever doubted if there is a God, I recommend this book that changed my life and will change other lives in time.