The Different Types of Inline Kids Skates Explained


Choosing the right kind of inline skates for your kids can mean a world of difference between having a fun and comfortable experience and it being a terrible one. Inline skating is a great habit to teach your kids while they are still young. It teaches them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age all while being really fun. It’s also a great bonding experience between parents and their kids, plus you get to teach them something new. Below we will be going over our top choices for inline kids skates, hopefully making your choice a little easier.

1. SEBA Junior Package

This is a great inline skate because it has a simple and easy adjustable system. It is constructed of a clever 2 piece shell and foot-bed system and all you have to do is slide it apart to increase either the boot length and width. The package includes seba soft alloy skates, a protective tri-pack and 10 SEBA fun cones. It is great value for money, gives you great performance and adjustability.

2. Seba FRX Junior Adjustable

Again a great choice that is also adjustable to fit your kid’s foot correctly. These inline kids skates are easy to learn on and are adjustable thanks to the 3 in 1 insole that has been fitted to the skate. It is the closest thing to an adult style skate that comes for kids, which means you kid can learn to skate in them and once they get a bit better, they can easily join in street hockey or just freestyle skating.

3. Rollerblade Spitfire

These are really great because unlike some other skates, these are really light what makes them easy on your kid’s feet. They are known for their great stability all while being fast and precise with body movement. They are lined on the inside for extra comfort and can adjust to up to 4 sizes for those growing feet!

4. K2 Marlee Junior

These come in both boy and girl style skates so your kid can choose what style they like better. They have been designed to be both functional as skates but stylish so that your kid will want to show them off! They have a push button system that can move 5 times to help adjust with your childs growing feet. Moreover, they are also made from breathable fabric so your kid doesn’t feel hot.

5. K2 Sk8 Hero Pro Junior

These are stylish and have been designed for maximum performance. They come with bigger wheels compared to most inline kids skates allowing higher speeds and a smoother ride. These are not recommended for beginners or kids just learning to skate, but are great for the already established child who wants to take skating further.

6. Challenge Junior Adjustable Skate

These are definitely a more interesting design and they have dominated for a long time when it comes to kids skates. They give your child the extra support they need and can be adjusted in a lot of different ways making for the perfect fit. They also support the ankles and performance is always up to par.