Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

home exterior decor

The exterior of your home is the first impression your neighbours and guests will have, so you want to make it positive and inviting. As a homeowner, you probably walk from your mailbox to the front door day in and day out. So, you may take a moment and stand across the street to see the big picture of your home curb’s appeal. If you wince at the look of it, it might be time to implement some improvements. Here are some ideas that may help you improve the external look of your living space instantly and efficiently.

Begin with a Mailbox Makeover

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We may be used to log into our emails with a click or two, but the feeling of excitement when there is mail in our letterboxes never seems to fade. If you think of the mailbox as a simple box that holds incoming mail, you may be surprised by the perfect combination of an old-time charm and contemporary designs offered by modern letterboxes these days.

Over the years, letterboxes became an important feature of the exterior décor of our homes and today’s letterboxes come in many different designs, created with functionality, longevity and style in mind. The first thing to decide when selecting your letterbox is where it will be installed. One of the most popular options lately is a fence mounted letterbox. It’s very convenient for the mail couriers and you can easily find customised models that fit the already existing fence and its dimensions.

A fence letterbox is easy to install, all you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step and your letterbox will have a clean and stylish finish. If you want to make a statement that will make your home stand out, choose handmade fence mounted letterbox. But remember that this type of letterboxes will be on the open 24/7, resisting the harsh Australian elements, so make sure to choose a fence mailbox made of sturdy, water-resistant materials.

Accoya wood is considered eco-friendly and sustainable and it’s modified to be resistant to sun damage, moisture and salty ocean water. Letterboxes made from this type of wood are recognisable for their rich texture and earthy colour and fit well in both traditional and modern home exteriors.

Unfortunately, a fence mounted mailbox can become an easy target of vandalism, so manufacturers add steel as a tough material which can make your letterbox a robust and safe place. Also, there can be several clever features that add to your mail’s security, such as stainless steel visor and handle, box protective structure, discreet lock access… A stainless steel mailbox that is powder coated with a superior coating technology has ultimate colour retention, corrosion protection and a sleek finish that fits perfectly in various styles of home exterior and can last for ages.

Create a Beautiful Garden

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Growing a garden, even a mini one, is like creating a small oasis in front of your home. Simply by looking at it, one can relax from everyday stress. And it doesn’t take much to get there. All it takes is to find the right spot and begin your gardening journey. Planter boxes in your home windows or the front porch can add to the beauty of your curb appeal.

Our busy lifestyles detach us from our plants, so If you’re one of those people that consider themselves “plant killers” because they always forget to water them and give them proper care, here is an ideal solution for you – self watering planters. It’s the latest invention in planters, functional and appealing solution to make gardening simple and enjoyable for everyone, especially if you’re a beginner. They’re very convenient and feature a raised design, so you can water them easily and forget about back pain.

A self watering planter has an integrated self-watering system that gives the plants the needed water and nutrients and keeps them healthy and looking good. The risk of over-watering is reduced as the water reservoir uses the excess amount of water gradually. Also, there is an indicator that allows you to monitor the water level and refill when the time comes.

This system retains the nutrient within the soil and offers a clean environment. To make the most out of your outside area, choose a self watering planter made of hard-wearing construction, UV protected and corrosion-resistant plastic, free of BPA, food safe and recyclable.

For a more modern appearance of your garden, you can opt for combining units and create a more vivid space. One of the greatest advantages of this type of planters is that they can be relocated and easily reconfigured, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them to another area of your front yard or in case you’re moving to another place.

Light Up Your Exterior


Your outdoor lighting can instantly spruce up the look of your home. When you choose new light fixtures, consider functionality and style. Not only exterior light adds the finishing touch to the outside of your home, but they also serve a practical purpose by adding a level of security, too. So, make sure to select light fixtures that will provide adequate light for all entry points of your home. Most of them are powered by mains electricity, with a switch on the inside of your house, but also you can find some that feature a motion sensor, which will light up when triggered.

Observe your space and take measurements to help you choose the right size fixtures and positions. You can find a wide range of exterior lights and choose outdoor lighting that suits your home’s architectural expressions, meets the needs of outdoor life and your style. You can enjoy modern shapes and add a contemporary twist to the exterior décor of your living place.

If you wish to create an atmospheric and ambient glow, you can hang outdoor pendant lights or choose wire cage lights to make an edgy industrial statement in your garden. When it comes to the garden, floodlights are a great option as well. They have an adjustable base which allows their beam to be projected onto an object of interest or specific architectural feature.

Also, you can choose outdoor wall lamps that come in many different types and designs, a perfect fit for every style. There are semi-circular lamps, downward-facing shades, multi-shade lamps that offer soft and diffused lighting, as well as wall lights that illuminate straight ahead and against the wall or lamps that illuminate both upwards and downwards. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the lighting that’s most suitable for the needs of your outdoor area.