The Right Queen Mattress is The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep


The general rule in the world of mattresses, is that every mattress should be replaced every five to eight years. As time goes by, they do wear down and lose their initial shape, and as a result they don’t provide the same support and comfort they once did. Do you have difficulties falling asleep and wake up with horrible back pain and aches all over your body? Well, the time has come for you to get rid of your old uncomfortable mattress and replace it with a brand new one. And not just with any type, but with a queen mattress one. It’s time to visit a reputable queen mattress size Australia based retailer to ensure your good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, instead of tired.

Shopping for the perfect mattress is not an easy task if you think about all the important factors you’ll need to consider. There is a wide range of models available on the Australian market that come in different materials and styles. Besides, when it comes to purchasing the right queen mattress size Australia retailers offer many different options. From all the vast choices, you’d need to decide whether you want firm or soft support, as well as which one is best for you – spring, latex or maybe memory foam? To help you narrow down your choices, in this article we will go over all the things you should know before you dive into the world of mattress and pick the right one for you.

Choose the right type

  • Memory foam mattresses – these are made from viscoelastic which is a very soft and absorbent material. This type of mattress is designed to adjust perfectly to the body and it provides great support.

  • Latex mattresses – these are very durable and are made from quality and natural materials which makes them perfect for those who have problems with allergies. Latex mattresses are very comfortable and provide the necessary support in all sleeping positions.

  • Pocket-spring mattresses – they have an advanced design and are made from small individual springs that can be filled with either synthetic, wool or some other material. Each of the pocket springs are designed to provide individual support to the body.

  • Open-spring mattresses – these are made from a network of springs which are made from a single steel wire. The open-spring is the traditional model of mattress, it has a simple design and providers firm support.

Check the coil count

When shopping for the perfect model for your needs, it is important to consider the number of coils. This is the main factor that distinguishes mattress from one another. Therefore, you can choose between three kind of coils: hourglass, continuous and pocketed. The general rule here is that mattresses with more coils provide a better support than those with a lesser coil count. Usually at least 900 pocketed coils or 600 continuous coils would be ideal for a good queen mattress.