Rugged Protection: Why Aluminium Skid Plates Are Essential for ATV and UTV Riders in Australia


When there’s tough off-road terrain to be conquered, Aussies know that quad bikes, especially ATVs and UTVs, are the perfect vehicle to help them do it. For recreational users, they’re hard-charging track navigators that are agile enough to go anywhere; and for the professional user, they have the power to haul a trailer load of equipment and a toolchest out to even the most remote locations.

What’s crucial to keep in mind with quads, however, is that despite their capabilities, they’re not indestructible. Roots, rocks, and a hundred other unforgiving obstacles are waiting to puncture a radiator, tear off a CV boot, or slice through an oil line, leaving you with a long walk home, and an even longer repair bill. That’s why if you’re a quad owner, protecting your bike’s vulnerable underside is every bit as important as boosting its performance; and not surprisingly, nothing addresses concerns about underside damage more effectively than skid plates.

Protect your ATV with Premium Aluminium Skid Plate Parts


Let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter if you own a springy sports quad, or a heavy-duty side by side, skid plates are among the most essential ATV UTV parts you can buy to prevent serious underside damage. Skid plates even allow you to do your hose downs and perform regular maintenance with fewer problems, making them the only accessory that can help you take care of your bike both on and off the track.

Longtime quad, and 3-wheel riders and owners are often surprised to learn that today’s skid plates are a radical departure from the universal-fitting steel plates that they may have been accustomed to only a decade ago. Durable, precision-cut aluminium has become the metal of choice for a wide range of aftermarket ATV and UTV parts, and it’s no coincidence that custom-fitting skid plate kits are also on that list.

Corrosion-resistant, 4mm marine-grade aluminium skid plate kits offer a host of lightweight benefits that are conducive to tough underbody protection, and they include:

  • Deep plate stampings for the added strengthening that’s comparable to steel plates;
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes to facilitate cleaning, service, and maintenance; and,
  • Powder coating to help minimize plate damage, and increase durability.

Make no mistake: when it comes to skid plates, steel has been the go-to for serious ATV and UTV underside protection for a long time. However, what steel concedes in weight alone to aluminium is enough to consider the advantages that go with investing in an aluminium kit. From their heavy-duty construction to their full surface coverage, the aluminium skid plates available from a premium online ATV parts store are every bit as durable and effective as their steel counterparts, but only a tenth of the weight.

Skid Plate Kits for Australia’s Most Popular ATVs and UTVs

With arguably some of the most demanding off-road trails, and remote job locations in the world, Australia is a daunting test for even the most rugged ATV. As a rider, you have to be prepared for the worst Oz has to offer before you hit the track; and fortunately, any well-stocked quad parts store is going to carry skid plate kits for a full selection of the country’s most popular ATVs and UTVs, including:

  • Polaris Ace and Sportsman ATVs, RXR and Ranger UTVs;
  • Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak ATVs, and RMAX and Wolverine UTVs;
  • Honda TRX and FourTrax ATVs, and Pioneer 500, 700, and 1000 UTVs;
  • CF Moto CForce Touring and Overland ATVs, and ZForce and UForce UTVs; and,
  • Kawasaki Prarie and Brute Force ATVs, and Mule and Teryx UTVs.

With their versatile handling and sturdy construction, ATVs and UTVs are unequalled when it comes to safely taking riders where they need to go, and safety features like seat belts, along with an array of indicator and warning lights are among the standard ATV parts in Australia regulates to keep riders safe on bikes that are registered for conditional road use. Keeping your quad safe off the road is just as important though, and that’s where strong, rigid skid plate kits step up to give you the seamless protection you need.

Recognizing Which Parts Go into a Skid Plate Kit


Regardless of how you use your quad, you can count on a top-quality ATV parts shop to stock either the individual underside components or the complete skid plate kits you need to protect your bike. While kit makeups will vary according to every bike’s make and model, an effective skid plate combination is going to consist of the following:

  • A heavy-duty central skid plate. Tough, snug-fitting central skid plates provide the vital mid-section protection needed to guard radiators, transaxles, and a host of other components from crushing rock strikes and debilitating punctures, but without restricting access for cleaning, oil changes, or other routine maintenance jobs.
  • Twin footwell skid plates. Easy to install, left- and right-mounted footwell plates are designed to protect the delicate inner fender areas between the front and rear tyres, as well as riders from errant rocks or sticks that can cause serious damage or injury.
  • Twin control arm skid plates. Precise, CNC-cut control arm plates offer optimal protection for your front and rear control arm assemblies, particularly exposed CV joints, against intrusions and impacts that could shear away boots, bend axles, or even snap vital steering components.

The fact is, while there are a lot of aftermarket accessories you can buy to make your bike a better performer that’s safer to ride, skip plates are among the only parts designed specifically to prevent costly damage. They also won’t interfere with other safety-minded parts like scrub bars and bullbars, making them the perfect complement to an all-around protection solution.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you use your bike for recreation or professional riding, you need the sturdy structural support that’s designed to protect it from the bottom. And while you expect it to be strong enough to withstand even the most savage collisions, it still shouldn’t weigh as much as an adult passenger.

Skid plates are the essential ATV UTV parts that are built specifically to protect your bike from the harshest off-road hurdles. They won’t improve your ride or performance, but they have a key role to play in making sure you’re able to bring your bike home in the evening.