Why Buying Curtains Will Refresh Your Home

buying curtains

When it comes to our homes and especially our windows and how we feel about them, there are two types of people: the ones who like curtains and the ones who like their windows bare and shiny. If you’re asking me, I’m the “curtains forever” type of girl. Many of my friends chose to leave their windows staring at the outside world with no clothes on and I feel so sorry about them. It’s as if they are begging for mercy from the passengers around the house and screaming: “Help I’m naked!” To tell you the truth, homes with no curtains on are kind of awkward for me. Strangers passing by your house can actually see what’s going on inside and I guess you don’t always want people to see you doing stuff. Me personally, I don’t want strangers seeing me do anything, but oh well, we have to admit, exhibitionism is an innate desire in people and it’s up to you in which way you’ll develop it.
But back to my point, curtains. Come on people, you gotta love them! They give such a warm touch to any home, big or small, cute or glamorous. That’s the cool thing about curtains, you can adjust them in any room, in any style and design. Although beauty is subjective, many people make a poor choice when buying curtains, be it because they were in a hurry to buy ones or because these were the only ones that went perfectly with the colourful rug in the living room. With a little mistake like that, your whole room can lose its homey ambience and positive energy, because even if you think a curtain will be a perfect match to your interior elements, things can get tricky. But why am I telling you all of this? Firstly because, you can easily see me buying curtains every now and then, even if the last ones I bought were only a few months ago, which means I’m obsessed with them; and second, because I really want to make you see the importance of curtains and how much they can change the whole idea we have for our interior design.

Curtains are supposed to make your place intimate, personal and stylish of course, which means they are a versatile piece of material. If you suddenly feel your room is yearning for something fresh, just put on some new curtains and things will get better. It’s nothing too crazy, yet it will be a special makeover for any room in the house. And trust me, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there too many times.buying-curtain

So what are the best curtains for you? Do you like your rooms colourful and contemporary or traditional and elegant? The right choice of curtains lies in your desired room’s overall design. If it’s all plain and white, you can give an astonishing effect to your window corner by choosing some curtains with darker colour, like dark green or dark blue. That little detail can really make a difference. Also, heavy drapes are so in right now! If you have a spacious room and big windows, this might be it. Try choosing a simpler design and a lighter colour because if not it will be “too much curtains and too little light” in your room.buying-curtains

The relationship between the room and the curtains should be sophisticated, intelligent and elegant. Always keep in mind all the little, but important details, because they can tell you much more about a curtain than your bedroom bed or your dining table can. The trick is to find the right colour and after that, the right design if you’re going with printed curtains. If on the other hand you go with plain curtains, try not to choose the same colour as the one that’s dominating in your room, because that way you’ll make your room look dull and somehow empty. Before you take the “curtain step” pay attention to everything you see in your room and be sure you know which details and colours you want to highlight. And most importantly, don’t be afraid of buying curtains. Have fun while shopping and bless the mess in your favourite room in the house by giving it a nice and fresh curtain look.