Being bombarded with news of the lives of celebrities day in and day out sure has its effects on our lifestyles. We get inspired by the healthy habits of film stars and athletes, try out nutritious meals they recommend and exercises they do that help them stay fit, including getting ideas for giving our wardrobes a makeover from time to time. However, there’s more to having a glamorous look than just minding what you eat, exercising and taking care of your style. The best accessory one can wear is a smile and you won’t be all that healthy if you don’t pay the needed attention to your pearly whites. Smiling is a universal thing and can be quite powerful so it deserves more than just a quick teeth brushing in the morning.

xylitol mouth rinse apple


Dentists all agree it takes at least morning and night brushing, along with the additional flossing, to maintain your oral hygiene. However, as it turns, there’s another mighty asset that should be part of your brushing ritual – mouth rinsing. The reasons for this lie in the effectiveness of reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth thus preventing cavities and gum disease, so you won’t just be getting a fresh breath. When it comes to quality dental hygiene products, you can’t go wrong by choosing xylitol mouth rinse.

Xylitol, also known as the dental miracle sugar, is a natural substance part of the sugar alcohols. It wasn’t until the 70s of the previous century when the dental effects of xylitol began to spark the interest of scientists and dentists alike. What separates it from the refined sugar we are so familiar with, is its power to reduce the amount of streptococcus in the saliva and plaque making plaque easy to remove, as well as prevent the growth of lactobacilli when used over a longer period. If this wasn’t surprising enough, over time remineralisation also occurs, repairing tooth enamel. Even after brushing your teeth once you’ve finished a meal, there are parts that might not be that accessible with the toothbrush and places where plaque can pile up more. Using xylitol mouth rinse can keep your pH level in check, not allowing for it to drop below 5.7 and start dissolving the enamel.

You know what they say, smile while you still have teeth, but when you have xylitol as the ingredient to maintaining a dazzling smile, you can be sure there’ll never be a time when you have to worry about hiding your ear to ear smile.