List of Benefits of Baby Mobiles


When a baby is on the way, one of the parents’ main concerns is how to design the perfect nursery. And when talking about nursery, the first thing that comes to mind is a colourful room with a lot of toys and different animal prints on the walls. However, lately, more and more parents tend to stick to a more neutral and minimalist style, such as the Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian style is bright, clean, and thoroughly modern, and as such, perfect for creating a kid-friendly space that will be practical and beautiful at the same time. If you’re one of those parents that want to stick to simplicity, you’ll probably want all your nursery essentials to be Scandinavian- style, including a Scandinavian baby mobile.

Baby mobiles are a great addition to a nursery. In the early stages of life, babies usually spend much time laying on their backs. Rather than staring at a boring, flat ceiling, many parents decide to install a baby mobile and provide their little baby with an interesting and stimulating feature to look at. And the fact that a Scandinavian baby mobile is soothing thanks to its soft colours and shapes, it can also help calm the little one down when crying. Let’s discuss more thoroughly some of the main benefits of getting a baby mobile with a simplistic design for your little one.

Visual Development

scandinavian kids room

One of the main purposes of baby mobiles is to provide the baby with visual stimulation. Babies start to process what they see around them from a young age, but when just born, their vision is still blurry and they can’t see beyond 30cm away from them. Since their vision is still developing, your baby relies on other senses, like the sense of hearing.

Particularly, the Scandinavian baby mobile can be found in an array of colours and music options, which help to teach babies how to focus on different objects. The music grabs the baby’s attention and once they notice it, they will tend to focus on the source of the music. Learning how to focus on a specific thing is a great way to stimulate your baby’s developing sense of vision. 

Regarding the colours, babies benefit the most from looking at black and white, when only a few months old. Older babies, on the other hand, benefit more from shades of blue, red, yellow, and green. Consider this when choosing an appropriate cot mobile.

Motor Skills Development

white kids room

Baby mobiles are a great way to help your little one develop crucial fine and gross motor skills. When the baby is looking up at the mobile, they are actually paying attention to how it turns and moves. In the beginning, the baby may want to follow the mobile just with their eyes. Gradually, they may begin to follow it with their head, and afterwards, with their arms to touch it. It is a good idea to buy a baby mobile that moves horizontally and vertically as well. 

Relaxation and Sound Stimulation

baby with baby mobile

Mobiles for baby that play calming music, like some models of the Scandinavian baby mobiles, can be very relaxing for the little one. Loud music wouldn’t relax the baby and help them fall asleep. Therefore, try to find a baby mobile that offers a soft lullaby. Besides helping babies fall to sleep, lullabies have many benefits. You can also develop a consistent bedtime routine for your baby by turning on the baby mobile before you leave the room and they drift off to sleep. Mobiles with music can also be beneficial for developing the hearing. 

Brain Development

baby watching baby mobile

A good musical mobile has a good influence on your baby’s brain development and it will help them learn. Since the hanging toys move to the music, your baby will learn to follow the motions and when the music is played, they’ll expect the toys to move. This shows how this experience is actually sharpening the baby’s spatial reasoning. These toys and attachments can be also used as an instructional device to teach the baby new words.

Help Prevent Boredom

baby mobile

The adorable and pleasant sounds and lighting of a baby musical mobile creates a dynamic environment for your baby. Instead of feeling alone and staring into an empty space, your baby will love the time spent in the cot and won’t be bored. Hence, a baby in a relaxed environment is more likely to be playing instead of crying.

If the cot mobile has toys that can be switched around, you may shuffle them from time to time. Changing the order or arrangement of mobile toys will give your baby a change of scenery and they will love being able to explore all over again.