Bridal Earrings: The Perfect Finishing Touch to Pull Your Entire Wedding Day Look Together

bride wearing beautiful wedding earrings

There are many important details to consider when planning your big day, whether it’s a lovely beach wedding, an intimate vineyard wedding or any other type of wedding. However, once you’ve found the venue, it’s time to look for the perfect dress and all those little details to complete your bridal look. For that, make sure to focus on simple things such as jewels and accessories as they are the perfect finishing touch that can pull your entire wedding day look together.

The key is to choose pieces that will anchor your look and not over-accessorise. Bridal earrings are an accessory staple that can help you look beautiful and lovely, as the bride you’ve always dreamt to be. But choosing the right pair can be an overwhelming task, and we all know that brides-to-be already have too much on their plate. To help you narrow down your options here is all you need to know about the different types of wedding earrings and how to choose yours. 

Different Types of Wedding Earrings

wedding earrings with saphire

Are you looking for a way to instantly transform your sleek and minimalist wedding dress or do you prefer a classic look for your big day? Whatever your choice is, you can find a range of carefully selected bridal earrings and enhance your wedding day outfit. The following are some of the basic, yet popular types of wedding earrings you can choose from based on materials, shape and style.

What Are the Main Materials for Wedding Earrings?


Diamond earrings are a timeless accessory and are often either stud or drop earrings, elegant and sparkling. They are a great choice for both modern and traditional wedding dresses.


wedding earrings gold

Gold wedding earrings are the most traditional option, but also the most durable one. You can choose traditional gold, white gold or rose gold earrings, depending on what suits your wedding dress the most as well as your personal preferences.


Sterling silver is a precious metal, cheaper than gold, but durable as well. If you choose silver wedding earrings, make sure to take proper care of them and they will last for many years.


pearl wedding earrings

Pearl wedding earrings can adorn both studs and dangle earrings. This type of earrings perfectly suits traditional and vintage wedding dresses, and some modern wedding dresses, too.

What Are the Different Shapes of Wedding Earrings?


Stud earrings are the smallest type of wedding earrings, but the most popular one though. The shape of the main element can be square, oval, triangle or round, but also these earrings can be found in more creative shapes like flowers, hearts and stars.



Drop earrings are similar to stud earrings, and the main difference is that they hang vertically from the ear. They come in various lengths and feature a solid metal stem or simple chain that drops below the ear with designs such as gemstone clusters, sleek pearls or else. A more complex version of drop earrings is dangle earrings, which are bulkier and more movable.


Hoop earrings are large, round earrings, where the wire threads through the ear, piercing it and making a circle. Typically, they are circular, but these days you can find designer bridal earrings that are created in square and triangular shapes. Hoop earrings come in various styles, but they are not longer than shoulder length. 


Cuff wedding earrings

Cuff earrings can be considered the most modern variant of wedding earrings. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles and a great match for modern and fashionable wedding dresses.

What Are the Most Common Styles of Wedding Earrings?


Classic earrings are usually smaller and adorned with diamonds or crystals. Stud and drop earrings are classic styles and suit any type of wedding dress and women of any age.


minimalistic gold wedding earings

These are some of the most stylish and elegant earrings you can find out there. They are best matched with casual and minimalist wedding dresses.


Statement earrings are big, bright and sparkling. They attract attention immediately and suit well traditional wedding dresses. If you opt for this style of earrings, be careful with other accessories as you don’t want to overdo the look. Most often, there is no need to complement them with a bracelet or necklace.

How to Choose Your Wedding Earrings

simple wedding earrings

To choose the perfect wedding earrings for your big day, consider three main things – your wedding dress, the neckline and your hairstyle. All of them impact the overall silhouette and the vibe of your look.

Traditionally, brides wear white wedding dresses, but lately, some brides go for a coloured or unique wedding dress. If you choose a white coloured dress, you can opt for designer bridal earrings in cooler shades.

There are many different kinds of necklines and each one of them plays a crucial role when choosing your wedding earrings. If your wedding dress has an asymmetric, halter, high neck or illusion, as well s thick straps, then a pair of elegant earrings will be an excellent choice.

wedding earrings

Stud or dangling earrings are a good choice if you’d go for a hair up on your wedding day. If you are wearing a large necklace, then choose a simple but elegant earring that will not overpower your look.

If you decide to let your hair down, then a pair of stud earrings can give the final touch to your look. Smaller studs complement a carefully put together style, while statement earrings can add sparkle to a relaxed look. If you want to change up your look after the ceremony, you don’t have to change dresses. Change your jewellery instead and you got yourself a new, refreshed look. Simple, modern earrings are a great choice as they are the easiest to match with any type of dress.

Also, make sure to consider the other bridal jewellery when choosing your wedding earrings. If you are not wearing a necklace, larger earrings can complement your wedding dress.