How to Choose the Perfect Poster Frame?

golden poster frame on a grey wall

If your hobby is collecting unique poster designs, you may benefit from learning how you can preserve your rare pieces by deciding to frame them in creative ways. Finding the right frame can significantly influence the overall appeal of your poster and create a cohesive look. Whether you are collecting unique vintage pieces or you are more into bold abstract designs, there is a plethora of frame options you can choose from to enhance your artwork and preserve its quality.

However, navigating the sea of diverse frames can be quite overwhelming. Therefore it’s essential to pay attention to specific aspects when choosing a particular poster frame. From selecting the right materials to considering the ideal size and shape each feature plays a crucial role in influencing your decision. To help you in your selection process we’ve decided to explore some of these key factors that can guide you towards finding the ideal frame that suits your taste and overall interior décor.

Consider the Poster’s Style

livingroom with a lot of posters

There are diverse poster designs, each reflecting a unique art movement, historical period or philosophy. When choosing the ideal frame, pay attention to the overall poster style and your unique taste. If you are someone who appreciates the classic allure of the Renaissance period, you may consider framing some vintage Italian posters to decorate your space and create a unique Italian wall art display.

For these poster designs, you can opt for ornate, dark wooden poster frames that feature intricately carved details and elaborate ornaments characteristic of the Renaissance period. You may also opt for Florentine-style frames that exhibit a sense of symmetry and include rich ornamentals such as floral motifs, rosettes, acanthus leaves, and other decorative elements that exude a classical allure.

Art Deco posters, on the other hand, feature bold colours and geometric shapes that express the appreciation of machine-made objects and the influence of modern technology. To complement these poster designs, you may opt for bold and sleek metallic frames that align with the Art Deco aesthetic. You may also explore poster frames that incorporate specific Art Deco elements such as geometric shapes, zigzags, and other complementary finishes to enhance the overall design and create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Mix or Match the Frame Colour with the Prevalent Colours in the Poster

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In addition to choosing a frame that matches the style of the poster, to find a suitable design pay attention to the colours prevalent in the art piece and the specific mood you want to create. Make sure you select colours that can either contrast for a bold statement, or complement the overall theme of your poster for a harmonious outcome.

For example, if you plan to display an abstract piece that features bold and eye-catching colours such as fiery reds, deep blue, and energetic yellow, you can opt for a frame that’s a nice mix of some of those colours, or opt for one that’s the complete contrast for an even more eye-catching outcome.

On the other hand, if you want to achieve a soothing, balanced, and cohesive look, consider matching the colours of the prints (the most dominant ones) with those of the frame. Neutral shades such as beige, white or grey can provide timeless and elegant appeal and complement a range of diverse poster designs.

Think about Where the Poster will be Displayed

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When framing a unique poster design, consider where you plan to display it. Do you want to hang it in your living room to make a focal point or do you prefer to include a specific poster design in your office décor? Besides considering the ideal location, make sure you pick a frame that matches the poster theme and the overall mood of your space.

The choice of the frame should seamlessly integrate with the rest of your room décor. For instance, you may decide to display an abstract poster that features minimalistic shapes and neutral colour palettes in a modern living room.

For this kind of interior décor and poster theme, you can choose poster frames that feature a simple and uncluttered appearance such as metal black frames. This way you can convey a sense of simplicity and sophistication and contribute to the harmonious and well-coordinated look of the room.

Moreover, is it going to be a standout feature, or one of many as part of a gallery wall scheme? This factor can be related to the previous in helping you choose from the mix or match solution. If it’s the first, the standout feature, then you don’t have to worry too much about the choice of material, style, and colour, whereas if it’s the latter, the gallery wall, then it’s advisable to consider the other frames and prints.

As interesting as contrasts may be, it’s easy to go overboard with the mixing, ending up creating an eyesore when you have more artworks involved. In this case, the safest strategy would also be to go for something simpler frame-wise that would easily blend in with the surrounding frames and posters.