Casual Dresses for Women over 50: When Style and Maturity Meet


A person’s sense of style evolves over time, as one gains life experience and learns more about themselves – you find what makes you feel comfortable and how you want to present yourself to the world. These are not conscious decisions though, they come naturally with age. Defining your personal style as a woman over 50 has to do with knowing who you are and what you love wearing and feel good in. And casual dresses make every woman feel comfortable, stylish and pretty, regardless of her age.

Casual wear has increased in popularity among women in the past few years, especially ladies over 40 and 50. Casual dresses are considered to be dominant garments in all women’s wardrobe, mainly due to the fast paced and active lifestyles we’re leading, so we need clothes that provide ultimate comfort and ease of movement without skimping on style. That way we can carry out our daily activities with a relaxed feel, but also find the perfect fit for various occasions, such as gathering with friends or colleagues.

Women can wear casual dresses throughout the year as there are designs appropriate for each season. But there is another, greater benefit of women casual dresses as we grow older – simplicity and time-efficiency. A woman can wear a casual dress in any situation, and there are just a few simple tips and ideas to rely on when searching for your next favourite piece.


How to Choose A Casual Dress in Your 50s

In view of the growing demand of casual dresses, manufacturers now offer a huge selection of women casual dresses online. Depending on your body type, as well as your personal preference, you can choose from a variety of designs, styles, colours and patterns. The cocoon dress is an absolute hit lately, but also you can find day and evening casual dresses for women, long, short and knee length ones, with long, short or three quarter sleeves.

Choose Bold Colours – A colourful dress will certainly not go unnoticed and you’ re guaranteed to brighten up the room wherever you show up. Feel free to play with prints, from animal and tropical to more abstract ones. At this age, you have the freedom to experiment with bold colours as you already know what looks best on you, and you can simply go for it. Solid colours will never betray you, and black and white remain timeless, never out of style.

Go Red – A power decade calls for a powerful colour. Knowing the difference between looking stunning and overdoing it makes things easy when it comes to achieving a glamorous look. A red casual dress is the best solution for standing out in a seemingly effortless way.


Get That Black Dress – There is not much to say about a black dress that you don’t already know. What matters the most is that your black dress should be all about elegance and style, and never about the age limit. If anyone says that black dress is not age-appropriate, just put it on and prove them wrong.

Go Knee-Length – If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, a dress that will hit your knees or lower is the best choice. There is no doubt that sophistication and maturity go well together, and your dress can show it.

Always Sensual – Look for sensual colours and fabrics that will make you feel comfortable while looking gorgeous at the same time. Fabrics like cotton, bamboo or linen are high quality choices when it comes to casual dresses.

Free Your Neckline – Women collarbones are a powerful feature worth showing off, and a dress with V neck will have an elongating effect on your neck, giving you an elegant and stylish appearance as well.

Good Tailoring is Everything – Nothing beats good tailoring. A great fit is what makes a perfect dress, so always look for it when choosing your dress.

More Comfort – Casual dresses for women are designed with comfort in mind, but for extra comfort, choose soft fabrics with stretch and silhouettes made to move.

Pick Your Go-To Dress – Make sure you have at least one trusty dress that fits perfectly and you can wear anywhere. It’s worth investing in a dress, or more, that you’ll love and will be your top choice for different occasions, celebrations and special moments.


Choose Materials Wisely

If you want a great looking fashionable dress, selecting the right kind of fabric is important, so make sure you take your time when it comes to it. Here are some suggestions that might help you make the decision.

BambooBamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fabric. It’s soft and luxurious to the touch, but its greatest advantage is that it’s strong and durable, with moisture wicking properties. It’s an eco-friendly choice and a natural solution for women with sensitive skin.

Cotton – It is a natural fabric, very soothing and skin friendly. It’s a breathable material, light and soft, and available in many colours. Dresses made of cotton are a great choice for wearing during hot days, durable and easy to maintain as well. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics for making clothes in the world.

Linen – This is a very strong and durable material. It’s smooth and cool to the touch, and a dress made of quality linen will always be soft and elegant.

Jersey – Jersey is a fine and smooth knit, used in casual dresses as it provides stretch and comfort.


Chiffon – A light and translucent material, but quite challenging to sew as it is very thin. It’s usually made of silk or polyester, or other synthetic materials.

Polyester – Those who truly understand synthetic fabrics know that polyester has some unique qualities, such as adequate stretch and ease of maintenance. It’s soft but strong and wrinkle-free, highly resistant to wear and tear.

Tweed – A rough, but an easy fabric that resembles hand-woven wool. Used in casual dresses as it offers an informal approach.

Rayon – This is the best choice for light and flowy dresses as it drapes beautifully on the body, but it’s highly absorbent and doesn’t insulate the body heat. Apart from it, it’s smooth and feels extremely comfortable, too.

Viscose – Manufactured from cellulose, viscose feels soft and smooth to the skin. Similar to rayon, it’s comfortable to wear but requires special care.