Fashion Hats Power: Stand in the Cold & Stand Out from the Crowd


While you can wear hats all year round, when winter rolls around, for most of us it is an absolute necessity. Without hats and hoodies, you are most likely going to freeze your ears off, not to mention your head is where body heat escapes so you can feel especially cold without something keeping it warm. Just because you wear hats to keep warm doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish so below we’ll go over a few different choices of women’s hats that you have to choose from.


Beanies are classic for both men and women and they can also make a fashion statement. There are so many takes on the classic beanie you can find them in all different colours, there are some with embellishments, there are even beanies with different patterns. They are a great way for you to look cute all while keeping your toasty warm.


They might not be the best at keeping you warm, but are great if you are getting ready for a night out in winter. They come in so many different styles and come embellished with feathers, studs, leather, and so much more. They are great at adding a little bit of fun to your winter wardrobe.

Faux Fur

Winter is the only time you get to pull off this trend so make the most of it! You can find faux fur everything – from gloves, scarves and even women’s hats! They look amazingly elegant and timeless not to mention you can find them in all sorts of designs. If you don’t want an all fur hat you can also play it safe with just a few fur accents for that winter feel and look.


Berets are immensely popular and they come in all sorts of design, you don’t have to be in France to pull one off! These are great for those days you want to look stylish but your hair isn’t sitting exactly the way you want it to. They are meant to be worn on top of the head – never completely pulled down and they also make a huge fashion statement.


This is a great option for fashion forward women who want to make more of a statement and are sick of the same old hats. They are also for those of you who find hats uncomfortable. A headwrap or headband really gives you the option to play around and wear it in different ways as well.

There are so many great choices when it comes to women’s hats, especially for those cooler months. You shouldn’t feel limited to having to wear just one hat when you have all these options. If you are looking for women’s hats, you can easily find a huge variety to browse and buy online. Don’t feel limited to only wear hats when the sun is out, there are so many different hats for any time of the year. If you want to look stylish and make your outfit more complete, then you should finish off your look with a stylish hat.