Simple Tips For Cleaning Dog Beds (Once a Month or So)


“Dogs are members of our family, so it’s natural for us to want to protect their well-being after we are gone in the same way we provide for our human family members.” – Cesar Millan

As a dog owner, you probably know by now just how close to humans dogs are when it comes to feelings. Being aware of this, you want to provide what is best for your furry friend, from all kinds of dog treats and nutrients to the ideal dog bed since they love sleeping in a comfy and cosy place, just like we do. There is nothing cuter than the sight of your dog jumping of joy in its very own bed.

Pet beds

You will come across a large selection of different types, styles, shapes and materials of pet beds, so to choose the one of quality that will make your pet feel comfortable and even more loved, buy from a reliable retailer. It is important to note there comes a time when the bed will get dirty and smelly, which means meticulous clean-up must be done. If you are not sure how to clean your pet’s bed, here are a few great tips on how to keep it shiny, safe and sanitary.

Thorough Vacuuming

One of the best ways to get rid of annoying pet hair and dirt is vacuuming. To turn it into a habit, you can vacuum the bed whenever you vacuum your home, and you must never forget to throw away the filter vacuum bag in case of hidden fleas, their eggs or other contaminants. You can remove the stubborn hairs with the help of a lint roller.

Wash Germs Away

Since most dog beds are upholstered, you can easily throw them in the machine. Ideally they should be washed once or twice a month at the minimum. If the bed has permanent cover attached, you can put the whole bed in the machine, and in the case of a removable cover just wash without it.

Fortunately as there are many types of pet beds you will find, you can opt for a waterproof model (for instance the Pet Bed – Heavy Duty Waterproof – Medium). For extra safety, you can vacuum the cushion once again. If you use any blankets over the bed, put them in the machine together with the bed cover. When washing blankets or the bed itself, make sure you use the “heavy” load with warm water machine setting. Once done, you can either hang the bed/cover outside, or dry it in the dryer.

Extra Dips As Cleaning Tips

For all those delicate dog beds that cannot be washed in the machine (trampoline style for example) you can vacuum them and do some simple cleaning such as shaking them outside followed by nice warm soapy water scrubbing. Once done, rinse well and allow them to air dry. If there is any plastic part, clean it by wiping it out with antibacterial solution.

A word of advice, give your dog a good bath every time you clean the bed if you want it to remain squeaky clean at least for a few days.