Modern Dining Tables: The Hearth of Modern Homes


Before you start thinking how can a dining table be a home’s hearth, just think of the origin and meaning of the word hearth. If you check the etymology, you’re going to find out it’s related to Old English which in turn is related to Old High German and it has the meaning fire or burning place. Back in the days when our great ancestors inhabited caves, they gathered around the fire where they ate and told each other stories, passing down legends and songs, in other words it was their main meeting point. Perhaps you have a fireplace at home, but can you remember ever having sat down around it with your loved ones?

Modern dining tablesNowadays, we tend to let our busy schedules dictate our lives, preferring the company of electronics than enjoying actual company of family and friends. You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to see the potential danger of an outbreak of depression and anxiety as well as alienation. This leads us to the importance of socialisation in our very homes, starting from the dining room, the place designed for eating and the place with the modern hearth – dining tables. Modern dining tables, classic, vintage, the choice is yours. Just decades ago family meals were highly valued, now they are either completely out of people’s eating habits or, worse, they are replaced by TV meals, so before we isolate ourselves and let technology lead our lives, it’s high time we made family meals in our dining rooms as one of the priorities in our daily agendas.

Now, speaking of the dining room, what would it look like if not for the beauty and function of dining tables? When compared with living room furniture, a dining table is the focal point of the room same as the sofa is to the living room. You’ve probably heard “a family that eats together stays together” and it can’t be far from the truth so the dining room is the perfect place for some family bonding. With a vast choice of modern dining tables, varying in designs and materials to complement every home. Having the possibility to buy online, shopping has never been easier as you can check sizes, materials and compare prices in the blink of an eye.

Size is important because you have to make sure there’s enough elbow room for everyone in your family. It’s up to you to create the setting of the room, so your taste has a say in the choice of chairs as well. You may be interested in bringing the charms of the eclectic style and combine your modern table with vintage chairs, or you may prefer keeping a matched modern look. Cushions and table cloths can be your allies in the decorating game. Who knows, you might be inspired to throw dinner parties and invite friends and coworkers for some delicious meals and pleasant talks.