Flying with a Pet: Tips for Selecting a Suitable Airline Pet Carrier

airline pet carrier

Whether driving around the country with a car or a caravan or flying across the ocean, the best trips are those we shared with our loved ones. And if you’re a pet owner, I’m sure you want to take your pet everywhere you go. While a car ride doesn’t need much preparation, when it comes to flying with a pet there are many things to consider, from choosing a pet-friendly airline, to vet checks, necessary documentation and quarantine. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the airline pet carrier to consider.

While it would be certainly nice if your pet could keep you company in your lap the whole flight, this is completely against airline regulations. Regardless if you’re flying internationally or domestically, you need to use a carrier that meets all the requirements set by the airline. Different airlines have different regulations, and it’s important to check with your airline prior to purchasing a carrier. However, if you’re travelling with an Australian airline, an approved airline pet carrier can be found at any Australian animal transport company that offers a comprehensive supply of travel kennels.

Of course, while choosing an appropriate airline pet carrier is essential, you shouldn’t ignore the needs of your pet either. After all, long flights can be stressful, so you want to make sure the animal is comfortable and safe whether travelling in the cabin or the cargo hold. Ideally, the animal should have enough space to sit, stand up, lie down, and turn around it its crate. With that being said, it’s important that you pick a crate that’s a suitable size for your pet. If possible, pick a carrier one size larger than the one your pet measures for, as the more space and airflow you allow, the more relaxed the animal will be.

Additionally, you can also ensure proper ventilation by choosing a carrier that has mash walls from at least two sides which are small enough so that the animal can’t hurt itself by sticking out a paw. The door should also be securely shut to prevent the animal from escaping. Furthermore, the floor needs to be lined with a moisture-absorbent bottom that prevents any moisture from leaking out and keeps the pet dry and comfortable.

Even though you might think an airline pet carrier can only be useful for flying, it can also improve the experience of road travelling with a pet. For instance, if you’re on the road, a carrier can reduce the risk of being distracted by your dog or cat which can be very dangerous.