Going Vegan Is a Piece of Cake If You Do It Right


In the endless pursuit of ways to make my skin healthier and more glowy, my hair stronger, thicker and shinier and to generally feel better about my body and health, I’ve found out that cosmetic products can only do as much: temporarily alter (and not necessarily improve) your current situation. And since my health is in a rather good condition (meaning no diseases), I figured it has to be the food I consume on a daily basis that’s preventing my organism from blossoming. And boy oh boy! The food! One word: all junk.


Since I am aware of my not-so-healthy nutrition regimen, I finally made the decision to switch to a healthier option: veganism. It’s time for changes people, and taking care of what you put in your stomach every day is a good starting point! You probably know by now that veganism is a lifestyle, not just a specific diet. Vegans have immense respect towards animals which they express not only by not consuming animal made products, but by taking care of them and fighting for their rights as well, which is their global cause as a movement.

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The more important part of veganism for me personally, is the health benefits you receive from following their diet principles. They don’t consume meat of any kind, dairy, eggs, honey and basically nothing that originates from an animal. It’s been scientifically proven that humans aren’t designed to consume meat in the first place. One of the reasons are the digestive juices our stomach uses to digest meat. When we consume meat, our body turns to our reserves of calcium in order to produce the hydrochloric acid needed to dissolve meat. That results in osteoporosis later in life, especially in women. Dairy products are also known to be problem-causing foods since in the earliest beginnings humans were lactose intolerant.

After giving it a thought and deciding I’m going meatless for a week, it was natural that my diet was going to be made mainly of fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds. Being completely afraid from consuming poisoned products with insecticides and pesticides, I thought I should do something to protect myself in the long run. Therefore, growing my own veggies (because fruits do require more complex growing conditions) seemed totally reasonable and easy.


My balcony was the perfect place for creating a small veggie garden with the use of vegetable garden planters, which are more than a convenient way to grow your own veggies at home. The vegetable garden planters I got are large enough to plant a couple of plants in them and get a good amount of vegetables. Plus, you can absolutely use them on your balcony if you don’t own a garden or a backyard as they come in a variety of stylish designs.

After taking care of this aspect, I found a local store that sells only organic fruits and veggies (I know the guy personally, so I trust him when he says they’re organic ) so I could stash my fridge until my own food production came to life. And from here on, it was important to read, research and develop a mindset and a will that will withstand the magic of junk food, artificial sugar, meat and anything of the kind. It took me some time until I fully adjusted and it also took me some time to learn how to prepare certain foods. Eating definitely costs a little bit more than it did before, but seeing the first good results is a feeling you simply can’t put a price on.

From my personal experience, all I can conclude is that switching to veganism (if it’s your goal or desire, of course) is more a question of knowledge and will power than it is to something more complicated. Know your options and choose what’s right for you.