Holden Commodore VZ – Listing the Benefits of a Performance Exhaust System

VZ exhaust

If you’re looking to add extra torque and power to your Holden Commodore VZ, the best way to do so is by getting a performance aftermarket VZ exhaust system. Performance aftermarket systems provide a list of benefits beyond power and torque to the Commodore, at a very cost-efficient price. They’re the most sought-after performance upgrade performed not just on the Commodore VZ, but on every other vehicle as well, and for all the right reasons. Here’s a list of the benefits offered by an aftermarket performance exhaust system.

Unleash Extra Power and Torque

The Commodore VZ features a powerful V6 engine, but unfortunately, its full capabilities are restricted by the factory exhaust system. A performance Commodore VZ exhaust system, on the other hand, will allow your engine to work at its full potential. How? By implementing mandrel bent tubing, which reduces backpressure, and by having wider diameter exhaust parts for improved gas flow. The improved gas flow can translate into improved air to fuel burning ratio, which not only improves power and torque but also improves mileage. This is all a result of your engine being able to breathe better and getting clean air rich with oxygen to burn the fuel with.

vz exhaust

Get More Durability

While stock exhaust systems are quite durable, they aren’t nearly as durable as performance aluminized and stainless steel exhausts are. Stainless and aluminised steel perform great when under extreme heat, they are completely corrosion- and vibration-resistant and are just tougher in general. So if you’re someone who drives through rough terrain every once in a while, a small bump won’t phase a stainless steel exhaust system. This can turn out to be a money-saving benefit in the long run, as you’ll basically never have to worry about replacing a stainless steel part.

Make Your Engine Roar

Performance exhaust systems don’t always come with noise dampening mufflers, which allows your system to produce a deep, aggressive roar that can turn heads as you pass. If that’s not your thing, however, you can still find systems that have mufflers that dampen the sound. You basically have so much to choose from when shopping for an aftermarket performance system that you can tailor it to your specific wants and needs.

vz exhaust

Visual Appeal

You can pick between a wide range of exhaust tips, and go for a single or twin exhaust system to make your Commodore look the way you want it to. Exhaust tips come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes which can make your Commodore stand out from the crowd.