Housing: What Makes Eco Homes the Trendy Homes?


There’s nothing ordinary about the stylish modular homes, and it’s no surprise they’ve been catching up as a trend. This has to do with their main characteristics: sustainability and customisable design.

Sustainability explains it why they are also called eco homes, since much thought goes into their construction as well as choices of carefully selected materials, such as those sustainably sources, recyclable, and reconstituted.

We might as well say these homes are healthier, both for the owners and the environment, because there’s no use of toxic formaldehyde products, they are designed with moisture control, have proper ventilation, maximise daylight, and due to the better sealants, there’s less heat loss which guarantees reduction of the heating costs.

In the end, what we get are eco homes that are minimal in the usage of natural resources, maximising of the usage of reusable energy, and reduce the greenhouse emissions. Of course, we aren’t to overlook their construction either.

What makes them different from site-built homes is the fact they are built in climate-controlled factories. It might not sound impressive, but what you don’t know with site-built ones is the amount of waste that’s left behind in a landfill.

Since eco homes are built in factories, no waste goes to waste as it’s reused and recycled further. Being prefabricated, they are created in a timely manner, and as it’s an enclosed environment without the chance of wet materials being used, there are fewer delays.

The design itself takes a great deal of work as it’s specific for every site and every client’s needs. If your worry was modular homes look one and the same, fret not, you can have a say in the style, and even get to choose the features like windows, floor plans, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, so there’s plenty of room for modification.

Just because they are modular homes doesn’t mean they don’t require the same building codes; they are built to comply with the codes of the state where they are going to be transported and set. Besides, prior to and during the construction, they go through inspection so nothing goes unchecked.

Unlike site-built homes, these homes have a stronger construction both because they are made with specific tools that only a factory allows and they undergo transport. Mind you, they take weeks to be finished – it’s that fast!

As soon as they are constructed, they are transported to your location, and great news is thanks to the controlled environment they are fabricated timely so there are less side costs as a result, and you know the price beforehand.