Let Eclecticism Sweep You off Your Feet: Creating a Bathroom Hectic, Yet Neat


When no style is enough for you and the kind of impactful vibe you want to create in your bathroom, you know it’s time to go eclectic. This design is a busy bee, drawing inspiration from many different sources and arguably the most unique way to go about furnishing an area. Different eras may clash and many elements get to compete for attention and all of this can be done by making both big and demanding changes as much as with small and seemingly unimportant ones. That being said, let me help you out with a few tips on your way to rendering your bathroom a somewhat quirkier place to be.

Rough and Smooth in a Kissing Booth

Pairing rough and smooth is the easiest way to instantly achieve the type of architecture that contributes to an eclectic atmosphere. Pairing exposed brick with oversize slate floor tiles is one way to achieve this. Matching a vanity with checkered design with the smooth white, black or metallic surface of a sink is another one. To finish the unexpected look, choose earthy tones for the majority of other elements you intend to include.

Out with the Ordinary, In with the Odd

Repurposing old stuff is a smart way to both save some money and achieve authenticity. For instance, you can use an old stool to cradle your new sink. The sink, however, must not be an oversized one. Next, forget about bathroom towels in neutral colours. Although you may not think of them as something that has anything to do with the design and d├ęcor of your bathroom, since there won’t be any time when towels won’t be present in the bathroom area, you might as well make good use of them and fit them in your eclectic puzzle. Choose bathroom towels that are anything but boring, for instance, ones with colourful geometric shapes. Extra tip: Go for the pictorial colour palette as its tones are vibrantly intense and incredibly rich in high notes.

Don’t Get too Concrete with Concrete

Concrete walls are not a rare sight in today’s industrial or contemporary bathrooms and they can certainly be used to set the tone for an eclectic setting. However, in order to do it right, their appearance has to be rather softened. This can be achieved in many different ways, for instance: a twinkling chandelier, glass surfaces, neon bright elements and sparkly tiles, to mention a few.