If your home feels a bit two-dimensional, it’s quite possible that you’re lacking one important element – texture. Just like colours, texture can enhance a room’s visual appeal, and without it, a space can seem rather flat. Being both beautiful and extremely stylish, a faux grasscloth wallpaper can be a timeless addition to any room. But before you order your roll of wallpaper, there are some basic things you need to know about it.


A faux grasscloth wallpaper is made from loosely woven fibers, it’s half natural and half man-made, providing just enough dose of texture in sophisticated fashion. It can have a neutral look, so it can blend with pretty much any style. This wallpaper can be made from a wide range of materials, both natural and faux-grasscloth products. It’s creation process is quite complex – made of sea grass strands and thin cotton, both are sewn into a light backing, usually rice paper.

Most grass cloth wallpapers have a single linear texture that’s most often installed vertically, although in some cases there are basket-weave patterns that offer both horizontal and vertical patterning. Furthermore, what makes the faux grasscloth wallpaper amazing is the fact that it can be painted over. You got bored with the colour and patterns on it? No problem, clean it up with a vacuum cleaner, just like you’d vacuum a carpet and paint it over with a different colour, or multiple colours for that matter. Make it look however you want it to look like!

As aforementioned, a grasscloth wallpaper adds colour and texture to any room. Plus, its aesthetics can be applied to a wide range of styles, whether traditional or contemporary. However, you want to avoid rooms with high traffic or moisture, which makes them unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Avoid installing this wallpaper close to showers or toilets in bathrooms as well as close to sinks and stoves in the kitchen, for example.

A grasscloth wallpaper is a pack of different home décor elements put into a single product. It offers supreme visual texture for walls, enhances the levels of elegance in classic and traditional looking rooms and can give a room life. There are many design ideas for using it, so you should not feel limited when shopping for one. Instead, show your creativity and choose something that will bring your intereior to a superior level.

And one last detail – grasscloth is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly products you can incorporate in your home. The walls might have ears, but installing grasscloth will allow them to speak volumes about you as a person who stands for preserving the environment.