List of Smart Ways You Can Use a Sideboard in Your Home


Few pieces of furniture are as functional as the sideboard. Also called a buffet, console or credenza, the sideboard is a must-have storage solution in every home. But the fact that it’s long and lean means that the sideboard can be used for a lot more than just storage. With that being said, here are the best ways you can utilize this versatile piece in your home

Give Your Living Room a Focal Point

With the popularity of wall-mounted flat screen TVs, rarely does a living room feature a TV stand. Although this trend might make for a much enjoyable viewing experience, it often leaves the room without the much-needed focal point. If the empty space below your TV feels like an eye-sore than a sideboard might be the perfect piece to display there. A modern sideboard buffet with enough scale to draw attention but not overwhelm the space is a great way to give your living room a focal point. You can also keep your cords, game consoles and other TV equipment neatly organized with the help of a sideboard.

Create Barriers in an Open Floor Plan

As modern homes get smaller and smaller, an open floor plan is a great solution to make the most of your available space. However, the lack of walls presents a big problem – How can you define the different areas in your home? If you’re not fond of partitions, a modern sideboard buffet can be a great boundary between the living area and the rest of your home. As opposed to using a partition, using a piece of furniture such as a sideboard will define the different areas in a subtle way. And unlike a bookshelf or a cabinet, a sideboard is low yet long enough to divide the space while still allowing it to feel open.

Your Own Mini-Bar

We all love to entertain, but it gets quickly tiring when you have to make trips to the kitchen the whole evening. By using a sideboard as a mini-bar you can stay organized at your next party without missing out on the fun. Investing in a sideboard to keep our wine, drinks, snacks and other cocktail accessories is a great idea for this holiday season. What’s more, there are plenty of sideboards with compartments big enough to fit a bar fridge if you want to have cool drinks within a hand’s reach.

Dresser for Your Bedroom

Of course, the primary purpose of a sideboard is to provide storage for your belongings, which is why it can work so well as a dresser for your bedroom. Within the sideboard’s drawers, you can house your bed linens, pyjamas, lingerie and other bedroom items. By complementing your sideboard with a big mirror, you can transform it into a bedroom vanity where you can get ready in the morning or do your make-up. This way nobody can complain that you’re hogging the bathroom.