With a Foam Roller to Being on a Roll with Great Exercise Days

foam rolling

Being physically active has proven to be one of the best ways to staying healthy and fit, and while there are lots of tools that can help us ease our exercises, the one that has become very popular recently is the foam roller. Except for being a great exercising tool, the benefits of using foam rollers go beyond shaping your body and alleviating pain and soreness from a workout.

foam rolling 2

Generally speaking, this type of rolling with a foam roller is the ideal way to relieve muscle tightness by triggering the points with the help of a foam roller. Gone are the days when coaches, therapists and pro athletes were the only ones who used foam rollers as nowadays foam rolling has turned into a self-help everyday practice for people of different kinds of physical activity level.

Except for these things, one of the greatest benefits foam rolling provides is that it helps smooth out and hydrate the fascia  which is of vital importance for connecting our muscles to the bones and joints. This improves blood circulation, boosts lymphatic drainage and removes toxins from the body. Additionally, foam rolling helps the lubrication of our joints and increases flexibility while reducing any kind of body inflammation. Except for providing you with a range of benefits, you also have the chance to choose your personal foam roller according to your needs and preferences as they are available in different sizes, colours, firmness, and materials as well. The thing you need to remember is that rolling can be a little bit uncomfortable, but it should be uncomfortable in a good way. In case you are feeling some kind of an unbearable pain, switching to a softer roller is recommended.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, a foam roller can be used as the basis for many total body workouts, and if used properly, these rollers can improve the connection to the core muscles. No type of exercise can target these things like a foam roller can, so whether you like running, yoga, spinning or lifting heavy, owning a roller can prove to be the ideal addition to any of your workouts.

Last but not least, foam rollers have proven to be great in reducing cellulite as this type of rolling helps to stretch and release the connective tissue and break it up. Additionally, since foam rollers can be used for combating cellulite and for massaging your body and improving the blood flow, it is considered that these types of rollers are an affordable alternative to expensive massage therapies and cellulite treatments.