Cat Igloo Bed: A True Slice of Heaven for Your Feline Friend


Cats are smart creatures and each one of them has their own personality. But still, there are a few things that all cats have in common. Most of them love fresh, tasty food, plenty of fun activities and long naps in spots they find cosy. Whether you’re a new cat parent, or already an experienced one, you should know that your cat’s behaviour can change as they age and you’ll have to recognise it and make sure you keep your purry friend happy and healthy at every stage of their life.

cat igloo bed

Play is important for both kitten and adult cats and cat toys offer a stimulating environment and can help satisfy their hunting instincts. But the truth is that these “hunters” like to spend a lot of time asleep and getting them a cat bed is always a good idea. It depends on age and personality, but on average, cats spend around 15 hours a day sleeping. Whether you have one or more cats, there is a cast array of cat beds in different colours, shapes, sizes and styles choose from and select what’s best for your furry family member.

What Type of Bed do Cats Prefer?

Cats are territorial by nature and a cat bad is an important part of making your cat feel more comfortable. Their bed is the only space in the home that belongs to them entirely. Cats like to hide and enjoy their own time and choosing the right bed is essential for making them feel comfortable and provide maximum stability and enough space.

Cat igloo beds are becoming quite popular lately as they tickle all the boxes for a perfect cat bed. Both cats and cat owners like this type of cat beds. It offers security, warmth and privacy to your cat, but also, it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can choose a cat igloo bed and ensure a sleeping oasis for your feline that’s made from high-quality materials that will keep them warm and snuggly every time they take a nap.

igloo bed for cat

Cat igloos, or sometimes referred to as cat caves, are enclosed and your cat can enter through an opening, similar to an igloo or a cave. Once inside its cave bed, your furry pal is fully cocooned and since there is only one entrance is makes them feel safe.

Cat igloo beds are made almost entirely out of soft, organic materials. Cats like plush and soft surfaces and in a cat igloo bed, they can enjoy surrounded with a padded and soothing material. Very often, cat igloos are lined with an extra layer of soft fabric, so your cat can relax, feel safe and sleep comfortably.

How to Choose the Right Cat Igloo Bed?

When choosing a cat bed igloo, it’s important to get the size right. If the bed is too small, it can make your cat feel cramped, while if it’s too large neither your cat may not feel as protected and cocooned. Also, you need to make sure the entrance to the cat igloo is the right size as well, so your cat can go in and out comfortably every time.

cat bed

A perfectly sized bed can improve their comfort and give them a special spot in the house. If you have troubles getting your cat to sleep in its new bed, make sure to place it in a spot that’s already familiar to them. If your cat has allergies, it’s important to take your time and choose the material carefully.

Benefits of Cat Igloo Beds

The main benefit of igloo cat beds is to keep your cat calm if they’re getting stressed around the house and would like to have some time alone. The bed can be their special area where they feel safe and can have uninterrupted sleep. Cats have strong senses and the world can be an invasive place for them at times, so an igloo cat bed can give your cat some quiet time when needed.

This can be very helpful if your cat is new to the home or a little insecure about its surroundings. In cases like this, cats like to scope out the area without being noticed. Cat igloos allow them to hide away while they crouch and observe. Not to mention how adorable they look while doing it! Even more, an igloo cat bed can be a great addition to playtime as it can give your cat a place to hide before they pounce and begin their hunt.

cats igloo bed

Also, cat igloos are a great solution for keeping your furry friend warm in the winter. Having a roof over their bed can help them stay warm in the cold days, but also it can keep the sun away in the hot summer days, so they can have a place where they can stay cool. Additionally, cat igloos are great protection from children, dogs and other cats.

If you have more than one cat, try getting one bed per cat. Cats who are close may prefer to sleep together, but if the time comes when some of them may need some personal space, it’s good to have an option where they can snuggle and enjoy their personal space.

The main reason why many cat parents opt for a cat igloo bed is that it’s very easy to remove the existing covers and zip on new ones that fit better in your home environment. This option makes your cat igloo a stylish solution for your home décor as well.