Listing 3 of the Best Touch Screen Car Stereos


CDs are almost a thing of the past. Today, we have Bluetooth surround systems and TVs in our homes, and our systems are hooked up to Netflix, Pandora and all different kinds of media apps. However, we still juggle between the boring AM/FM radio and mix CDs in our cars, which there’s really no need for – given the state of WiFi and Bluetooth technology nowadays.

There are many different models of touch screen car stereos that are affordable and have it all. You can stream music from an USB drive, run all your phone apps through Bluetooth, have hands-free calling, etc. With the right car stereo system, you’ll be able to listen do anything you want, whenever you want. You can find quality car audio systems in automotive electrical supplies stores online, and you will realize that there really is no shortage of choice. I spent quite some time looking through automotive electrical supplies stores and found quite a few quality stereo systems. Here’s a list of the top 3 I came across.

touch screen car stereo

Kenwood DDX9017DABS

This Kenwood unit offers anything you need. It’s a benchmark for mobile infotainment systems. It can play 192kHz/24bit audio files and features a 7inch WVGA capacitative touch screen AV receiver. Additionally, it can convert all AV sources to 192kHz/32bit. It works with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and it features built-in Air Mirroring for displaying your iPhone and Android apps on a DDX9 screen without a network connection or cables. Lastly, it features dual camera inputs, a two way smartphone link and ADAS DVR on-screen control.

Pioneer AVH-280BT

Pioneer is one of the premium car stereo brands today. They offer a wide range of units that have a wide variety of features. They’re the most expensive brand on the market, but they’re always worth it. The AVH-280BT model features a 6.2inch LED backlit and a WVGA touchscreen, which allow you to look at the screen in any lighting condition. Additionally, it features double din chassis which means that it should fit any double-din capable car. The USB connection can charge your mobile devices and stream your music, making it a great unit for its price.

Kenwood DDX372BT

Another feature-rich Kenwood unit that comes at a friendly price. Available with 21 languages, it’s accessible for everyone and it features Bluetooth hands-free for Android and Siri hands-free for iPhone users. It can play in a lot of formats, and features a navigation display from your phone to the screen. If you’re downloading your media files, be wary of unsupported formats. However, it supports Sirius XM and Pandora, and it features a special equalizer to counteract the traffic noise.