A List of Helpful Accessories For Your Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero12

It’s rare to find a vehicle that is so efficient and well-made as the Mitsubishi Pajero. It offers a comfortable driving experience for all types of terrain, from the neat on-road to the rugged and hard off-road. Also, it’s a very aesthetically pleasing car with a lot of comforts. Since its arrival here in Australia, it has been a popular car with over 150.000 models sold. And despite the last generation’s popularity, it will be discontinued in 2021. But why is it such a great car, and why is it still worth buying, even second-hand?

Mitsubishi Pajero

First, it depends on the model you get, but as standard, it’s a sport utility vehicle. On top of that, you can choose between a 2WD or a 4WD. It also has a powerful turbo-diesel engine with four cylinders. Even more, it has extra features like climate control, a rearview camera, autonomous emergency braking, electronic stability control, and trailer sway control. But, you might want to do more with it and make it more adequate for some situations. You might have thought about changing the visual look of your Pajero, or maybe putting in a touch screen radio to make playing your favourite tunes an easier ordeal. But, that doesn’t improve the performance in any way. Well, this article will cover three super helpful performance-boosting accessories that also improve its functionality – Mitsubishi Pajero roof bars, snorkels, and towing add-ons.

Roof Bars

If you’re looking for the perfect travel accessory for your Pajero, roof bars are most likely the best possible option. There are several reasons for this. The first one is that it allows for more storage space and a less cluttered vehicle. If you don’t want to worry about whether there’s enough space to pack everything, then roof bars can be a life-saver. They allow you to pack and store everything safely and securely. This is especially helpful if you’re moving delicate cargo, camping equipment, and more. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Pajero roof racks reduce the clutter inside your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about all the bags and extra stuff. Therefore, it allows for more air to circulate inside and for more comfort. Your passengers will have plenty of space to put their legs and have a more enjoyable ride.

Roof Bars

However, it’s not just the benefits you have to consider when buying the perfect Mitsubishi Pajero roof bars for you. You also need to take into account several factors, the most important of which is the material the roof rack is made of. If you’re looking for high-quality roof bars, you should get an all-metal one. There are plastic versions, but plastic becomes brittle, fades in the sun, and has an inferior load rating, so it can easily break. Metal, on the other hand, isn’t prone to any of these problems. However, some metals, such as steel can be quite heavy, and you don’t want a heavy roof bar. As a result, aluminium is an industry-standard with its lightweight, but good load rating and durability.

Mitsubishi Roof Bars

Additionally, there are other technical factors you should look out for, such as dimensions and fit. You must get a roof rack that fits your Mitsubishi Pajero. If you get a roof rack for a different car, no matter how similar the dimensions are, it’s probably not going to fit. In line with that, you should make sure that it’s easy to install. You want one that you can install with little effort. Also, you want to avoid damaging your car with the bars, so make sure that they have protective rubbers for the paint. You can also get powder-coated bars for more durability and rust protection. Finally, it should be modular, as modular bars allow for easy assembly, and the installation is not permanent.


While you use roof bars for comfort and storage, you use snorkels for technical efficiency, especially in off-road situations. The snorkel allows your car to breathe in air when submerged underwater or in sandy terrain, allowing for improved air intake and thus, better engine performance. Moreover, the motor is less prone to ingesting water with a snorkel. This is due to the fact that the snorkel’s position is much higher than the ground, where the air is cleaner. Also, it improves fuel efficiency as it feeds more clean, oxygen-rich air to the combustion chamber.

Mitsubishi  Snorkels

Nonetheless, installing a snorkel is a complicated technical procedure usually requiring a professional mechanic. Installing one requires the original air intake system to be disconnected, and drilling a few holes in the fender. Afterward, you connect the intake system to the snorkel and drill bolts through the vehicle body. If you’re not a professional mechanic, don’t attempt this. And although a snorkel is helpful, it’s not all-powerful. Your snorkel will be useless if the water is deeper than the vehicle’s wading capacity. If that’s ever the case, you can cause serious damage to the electrical components.

Towing Add-Ons

Of course, one of the best uses for the Pajero is towing. It’s a powerful car that allows you to attach trailers, caravans, etc. Therefore, you can go camping in nature or visit many famous, remote nature spots. There are several towing add-ons that you should consider for the Pajero.

Mitsubishi  Towing Add-Ons

One of those add-ons is a bike rack. If you don’t want to put your bike on the roof rack, you can get a hitch bike rack. A bike rack is super beneficial in a few different ways. You attach it to the back of your car, which preserves space. It’s easy to dismantle, attach, and it guarantees bike security. However, you can also get a bike rack that installs on your roof, if you don’t have a roof rack.

If you want extra security while towing, you can consider a tow bar and a towing mirror. Tow bars reduce the strain on your vehicle, whereas a towing mirror lets you have a better view of the space around you. They’re easy to attach, and they cover many blind spots.

All in all, if you were wondering how to improve your car’s performance, these three accessories are useful. As long as you know what you need and where to look, you can always give your car that extra edge for a better, more pleasant ride.