Menswear Trends for 2018


So we’ve welcomed 2018, and as always, the first couple of months are the transitional period when it comes to clothing trends. There are some that have made it to this year, others made it only to be lost, and those that have been around for quite some time now.

This goes for menswear as much as it does for women’s, even though it always seems like women’s outnumber men’s. Starting from the trends that have been around for years, the urban hoodies for men are still as fashionable as ever. Why is that so? Well, first of all, hoodies provide an unmatched comfort, that can be combined with plenty of other clothing pieces, easily, so men can come up with the ideal outfit in an instant.

Urban Hoodies for Men (4)

Not only are urban hoodies for men versatile, but more brands started offering the very best in terms of material, such as cotton fleece, which only adds to the comfort. Besides, they can be found in different styles, and types, too, with different features, from modern to vintage (here come the 70s and 90s again!), with or without pockets, and zippers, meaning there’s the right hoodie for every man’s taste.

Taking into account brands are more and more focused on simplicity, it’s no wonder the hoodie remains stylish. More on simplicity we can expect to see this year, with further accentuation on functionality, is in the form of utilitarian menswear. This is the merging of sport, workwear, and military, in the likes of pieces as the jackets with multipockets, and the crew neck T-shirts.

Skinny pants have been trendy for years, but since last year’s attempts to finally start the shift from them, this year we can expect to see plenty of wide-leg pants designs. Stylish as they are, they show us they aren’t only suitable for the runways any longer, but for the streets as well, as they can be found in a variety of fabrics for that matter, from the casual denim, to the more formal wool-mix. What’s best about them is they can be paired with anything, casual and formal alike.

As for colours, this year you can bet on seeing an invasion of scarlet on the streets and TV. From head to toe, designers have come up with menswear pieces, using this vibrant colour – who said only women get to wear something vibrant? If you want to spice things up in your wardrobe, you have the green light to pile up on scarlet.