Military Gift Ideas for All Ages

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Choosing a gift is stressful for most people. There are always new occasions for gift-giving and no matter if we’re looking for a birthday present, thoughtful Christmas gift, or a gift for no particular reason, we want it to be original and, of course, liked by the person we’re giving it to. If you want to make a military person happy, someone who is a military enthusiast, a veteran, or just about anyone, here are several ideas on what to choose as a military-inspired gift.

Military Teddy Bears for Surprising Kids and Grown-Ups Alike!

We all have a beloved teddy bear that we’ve had since we were little. Every child gets one and it becomes their favourite toy to play with. Since you can’t go wrong with a teddy bear, choose timeless military bears as gifts for any person in your life.

They’re universal gifts and for a good reason. They aren’t just toys that kids play with for a day or two and then forget about them. Kids tend to connect with plush toys on a deeper level and this is why we continue to get back to that teddy even after so many years. A military teddy is a great way to bring the love for our country closer to our children and honour all military men and women who served Australia. Plus, it will provide a feeling of protection for the kids since they all love to sleep and cuddle with stuffed toys. They’ll feel comfortable knowing that their teddy will always be there for them.
kid playing with military teddy bear

Most plastic toys these days, although technologically advanced, lack some of that personality and closeness that kids look for in toys. With a military teddy bear, they’ll have a friend and they’ll name it and create a whole life for it. This develops kids’ imagination, and the ways in which they can play with a teddy are endless. Usually, with electronic toys, children are restricted in what they can do. The toys have a function for which they’re manufactured, and that’s it. But with a teddy bear, the kids can make it to be whatever they want. Plus, military teddy bears can have some additional features, like singing a song, talking, or moving certain parts of their body, and they come dressed in all different kinds of uniforms.

But bears aren’t just for children. Every grown-up is happy to be gifted a teddy because they remind us of simpler and happier times. It’s a traditional gift that everyone cherishes. This is why military bears are the perfect gift for every person as a way of honouring and remembering all brave military people.

Artwork as a Form of Remembrance and Hope

If you know someone who’s an art lover or needs a bit of wall décor, military-inspired artwork is the way to go. They’re the easiest décor pieces if you want a quick change and an excellent way to freshen up the space. You can choose between framed and unframed prints and posters, and you can find them in any size you need. There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to the motif that the artwork represents. There are prints that show the bond that every trooper has with his horse; the relationship that soldiers develop with one another; the artist’s view on a particular battle; glorious soldiers in war; the enthusiasm and sadness after a battle, and much more. Choose the one that you know your loved one is going to adore, and let the art speak for itself.

Books to Educate and Entertain All Generations

For book lovers, the choice is easy. Pick a book that’ll educate or serve as a remembrance for the veterans. For kids, pick an illustrated book based on true events or fictional characters, such as The Adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse by Genevieve Hopkins. In this way, they can learn and have fun while looking through the illustrations and letting their imagination run free.
vietnam an epic tragedy book

You can pick a book of true stories of the lives of Australian military men and women who bravely fought and returned to their loved ones. For those who want to learn more about the Vietnam War, Vietnam Remembered gives answers to many questions and talks about the role of Australia in the war. It also contains a list that honours those who died and the names of those who served.

Military Toys for Fun while Stimulating Brain Activity

Playing pretend games and using engaging toys have many benefits for children and even grown-ups. And military toys are versatile and engaging enough to keep us entertained all day. They’re a cool gift idea for all ages because they come in a wide variety of choices and different levels of difficulty. For the youngest, you could opt for regular military toys that don’t require any assembling or thinking, such as mini cars, planes, and tanks with sounds and coloured lights that kids adore. For the collector, pick military collectibles that they can add to their valuable collection.
military soldier toys

For those who like a bit of a challenge, construction sets are the ideal choice. They can consist of a smaller number of pieces or they can be large and have 400 pieces. Metal Earth has puzzles that consist of a sheet from which you need to pop out the metal panels and assemble your model without glue because all the parts connect at attachment points. These types of toys are awesome for developing problem-solving and cognitive skills.

Jewellery as the Classic Gift Idea That Never Disappoints

Jewellery is timeless and everyone appreciates a good pair of earrings, necklace, or bracelet. For the female service members, choose a gorgeous piece of jewellery that has red or purple poppies that are the symbol of remembrance. Many jewellery collections tend to represent a certain symbol or other military-inspired events, so there are many options to choose from.

Watches are other favoured pieces of jewellery. You could get a quality watch that will be of service to every military person. In this way, they’ll feel like you’re always there and they’ll think of you every time they look at the watch.