Modern Wooden Furniture for Warm Home Interiors

modern black leather sofa with wooden coffee table plants and side table

Wood is considered a traditional material, but it can be easily adapted to modern home interiors. There are so many wood types, colours and textures that make wooden furniture charming, stable and comfortable. Modern wood furniture can help you create an original and versatile look of your home, and the following are some of the most popular wood types you can choose from and their unique properties.

Oak – This is the ideal type for modern furniture. It’s a durable material and its colour ranges from light brown to pink-red, with a swirling or striped grain. The grain produces attractive patterns that suit both classic and modern settings. Oak furniture is also known as a scratch and stain resistant, if properly finished.

Walnut – Walnut wood offers a variety of colours, from white to dark brown, into modern home designs and decorating. It’s hard, strong and durable material, and provides an exclusive look to classic and contemporary interiors. It can be used for any type of furniture.

pine wood furniture

Pine – Pine wood is a widely available type of wood and a great choice for modern interior design and decorating. It’s a lightweight wood and its colour ranges from white to light brown with yellow or red tones and brings warmth and cosiness to any room.

Birch – Birch wood is strong and durable hardwood – a great option for modern furniture. It has an elegant, clean grain that fits perfectly in modern interiors and it comes in yellow and white varieties.

Cherry – Cherry wood has a straight and uniform grain. It polishes well and offers a beautiful finished look. With proper care, it can last very long and becomes even more beautiful as it ages. It has distinctive colours, starting from pink-brown to a deep red.

Bamboo – Bamboo is increasing in popularity lately, mainly due to its eco-friendly nature and beautiful colours. Its colours vary from light to a warm medium tone, but naturally, it has a soft blond colour. It’s versatile for furniture design and very common in modern interior design.

Elm – Elm wood is one of the most attractive options for furniture and furniture parts. It offers heartwood colours from light to medium red-brown and paler sapwood. It’s a softer hardwood, but tough and long lasting.

elm wood furniture

Modern Furniture Styles

Over the centuries, furniture design and style have grown from ornate classic looks to contemporary furniture fashion that brings together artistry and functionality. If you appreciate the beauty of wood, any type of modern wood furniture can instantly bring a natural and unique touch to your home design. Here are some of the trendiest furniture styles these days.


Vintage furniture is often purchased used. The term vintage stands for an artistic flair embracing nostalgia for old times.


Rustic furniture brings warmth and a cosy feeling to any space. Usually made of timber and other natural materials, such as cotton and linen.


Furniture pieces that are considered retro depend on the decade referenced, however, retro style is commonly characterised as using modern designs that imitate past furniture fashion trends. Retro design is colourful and lively.

modern black leather sofa with wooden coffee table plants and side table


Modern furniture style was born in the early 1900s with the modernist movement. It’s defined by the use of monochromatic colour palettes and materials like steel, vinyl, leather and more.


Minimalist furniture style is a combination of styles, resulting in a simple utilitarian style with round shapes and smooth edges. Used in open spaces, it gives a clean and subtle feeling and is getting quite popular lately.

Urban Collective

Urban collective style is fresh and livable, a combination of boho, industrial and mid-century designs. It offers a stylish and chic look to any living space.

How to Use Wooden Furniture in Modern Homes

Wooden furniture is versatile and can be used to balance modern living spaces in a very fashionable way. With a basic understanding of how to use it effectively, you can create an ultra-sleek look of your home interior. The following are some tips you could use to successfully introduce wooden furniture to your home interior.

the dining area features a black table and wooden chairs the artwork with the same warm colors

Find the Right Wood Type

First, consider the type of wood and the colour you want to add to any of the rooms. If you’re dealing with a smaller space, go for oak wood in a lighter shade, with unusual shapes and forms. They’re ideal for narrow and small spaces. Modern home interiors have a simple and understated colour palette, and limiting yourself to one type of wood will save you from ending up with a chaotic and unorganized appearance. The simplest way to avoid it is to match wood tones to your wall colours.

Make a Statement

Choose sleek furniture that will make a statement. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to find the perfect coffee table that will be the focal point of a room. Modern coffee tables are made of a variety of materials, a combination of wood and glass, or metal and can work as side tables as well. Their light shades allow you to match them with a variety of decors, but most importantly they’ll keep the atmosphere of your home light and bright.

Go Natural

Wood is a natural material, and incorporating it into a modern design is even easier if you use other natural elements. Simply, let natural light permeate a room or use mirrors. Mirrors work great with wood furniture in modern homes. In addition, using wood décor, like frames, vases, ornaments, can tie the design together and create a unified feel of your space.