Provence, Je T’Aime: Discover the Charm of French Country Style

French Country Furniture

It’s no secret that France has enriched our lives with many uniquely beautiful things. We have this country to thank for haute cuisine, high fashion, ballet, impressionism, and of course French country style. French country decorating style is one of this country’s gifts that’s stolen the hearts of countless people from all over the world. This popular home décor style was born in Provence, France’s very own paradise.

Comfort and elegance are the two basic principles of French country style. This timeless decorating style blends antique furniture pieces and decorative accessories with contemporary ones, which is precisely why it appeals to eclectics and individuals who collect old furnishings and wish to display or re-purpose them.

French country decorating style favours simple and stylish furniture items. Since this style was born in rural France where people value elegant beauty and durability, French country furniture pieces aren’t tacky nor excessively embellished. If you decide to welcome the charm of French country style into your living room, dining room, or bedroom, I advise you to look for distressed wooden furniture items and metal home accessories in order to be able to create that collected look French cottages are famous for. When shopping for metal items, try to avoid shiny metals and go with wrought iron and burnished bronze.

This home décor style favours calming and welcoming hues such as white, cream, ecru, and ivory. Many French country furniture sets are made up of comfy and elegant cream upholstered sofas, chic white coffee tables, and sleek bookcases. Lavender, sunny yellow, and sky blue can also be incorporated in French country residences as they are all colours of Provence’s vivid landscapes.

When it comes to patterns, French country style favours delicate provincial patterns such as toile, gingham, stripes, and of course florals. Provence is home to many lovely flowers, including sunflowers, irises, and poppies, which is why implementing them in French country homes is always a good idea. When it comes to fabrics, linen, tapestry, and matelassé are ideal for country French rooms because they are textural.

This decorating puzzle wouldn’t be complete without full-length draperies, comfortable floor rugs, luxurious chandeliers, rich wallpapers, and eye-catching accents and decorative accessories. Stone fireplaces, trumeau mirrors, bombé commodes, and quality silverwares are all items that deserve to be incorporated in a French country residence.

So, if you dream of living in deep rusticity and if you find the combination of old and modern aesthetically appealing, then something tells me you’ll adore this popular decorating style.