Women Summer Hats: How to Choose the Right One


So much shopping to do, so little time… Okay, well, upon checking my closet and reading this opening sentence, you’d expect to find a void than needs to be filled, but truth is, I have plenty of clothes about with little to no space left for new pieces, yet I sometimes think I don’t have everything I’d want to have fit for the right occasion (how typically for a woman you’d say). Now that it’s summer (the time of the year I particularly adore), I’ve piled up on shorts and dresses enough to have the combinations for every trip to the beach or stroll through the streets.

Not everyone speaks of summer as highly as me, especially not Australian summer as it can be hell on earth, but I’ve got myself covered with the right amount of sunscreen, cold brewed teas to keep me hydrated, and of course, the perfect hats for all my outfits. Since it wasn’t exactly easy for me to make up my mind on choosing from all the latest women summer hats, I’m more than happy to share some tips with you so you avoid wasting as much time as me and make the most of these hot summer days in style.


First, don’t make the same mistake as me in going straight to choosing from the different styles and colours; you have to be sure of your hat size. You don’t have to go through the trouble of measuring your head as Ed, Edd n’ Eddy did in the ‚ÄúStuck in Ed’ episode, but simply measure with a measuring tape above your ears. Once you’ve got the right size, you can look up latest women summer hats online, save yourself the bother of walking round all the shops in this heat and have your purchase delivered to your door, without worrying you’d get the wrong fit.

Next, there’s more to a hat than just the style or colour, and it’s your face shape same as in the case of choosing the right sunglasses. If your face is smaller, then by all means go for a hat with a narrow brim. The last thing you want is to end up looking like a little girl who has to grow into it. If your face is larger, then what you need is a hat with a wide brim so you avoid the opposite situation: seem like you’ve had that hat since you were little and you grew into it. Now after these steps, you can move on to the styles. Are you more of a classy woman, who wants to personalise every look? If so, you could put on different ribbons to a floppy hat. If on the other hand you are the trendy kind of person who loves a laidback style, a panama hat is the piece to complete your looks.

Same as every pot has its lid, every head has its hat, you just have to know how to look for it so it would be the perfect match for your personality. Have fun finding yours and enjoy these summer days in style.