THE List – Get the Latest Scoop on Summer 2018’s Biggest Shoe Trends

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The countdown to summer is on – just one more season to go through and warmer days will be right around the corner. What this means for all the fashion-lovers is that it’s officially time to go through the trends for this upcoming summer. We all want to have something to be excited for as well as to know what we’ll be on the hunt for, don’t we? For that very reason, in this blog post, we will be talking about the trends regarding the biggest guilty shopping pleasure – summer shoes.

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This summer there’s the widest and most diverse range of trends we have ever seen in womens sandals Australia stores. On one hand, we have the lace-up styles and block heels that feel so much feminine and dressy, while on the other hand there are the slides and sporty looks that hold it down for the athleisure-lovers and tomboys. I made a list of the shoe styles that are sure to take over this summer to help you out give your summer wardrobe an instant refresh. Be prepared to enter a time machine.

Colour Pop – Just pick a colour – any bold colour that you like and add it in the form of shoes to your outfit. Vibrant hue sandals will be THE trend this upcoming summer and they are sure to take over Instagram. Think sunny yellows, royal blue, and ’80s-inspired teal and fuchsia.

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Slingback Kittens – Don’t you dare ruling out the classic slingback heel kittens just yet. For a little bit of ’80s nostalgia, scoop up a pair of these babies. This trend feels especially fresh for summer, particularly when done in pastel shades or stark white.

singback kittens

PVC Baby – If everyone starts wearing see-through everything this summer – blame it on Chanel. Their Spring ’18 runway show was full of PVC goodies which after that appeared in the collections of some other designers. While this material is definitely not for everyone, if you want to test and see how this trend fits your style, I suggest you visit a modern womens sandals Australia store and get a pair of strappy heels first.

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Toe Ring Sandals – this unexpected throwback look gets a modern upgrade in the form of sleek sandals. You can find these lovelies as flats that you can wear literally anywhere or buy ones in the form of high heels for more formal events and nights out. Comfort is guaranteed!