The Top Five Workplace Furniture Trends To Watch For In 2016


If you are someone who works at an office work desks all day and night then you are probably looking for new ways to spruce the place up. Offices have been known to get a little boring especially when you spend just as much time in there as you do at home. So it’s important to stay on trend when it comes to office furniture and décor. Below we’ll go over the top 5 workplace furniture and décor trends that we expect to see in 2016.

office work desks

1. Classic Wooden Desks

So many offices went modern and opted for metal desks or plastic desks which really make the space feel cold and lifeless. Wooden office work desks feel homey, they are sturdy and at warmth to a room. They look good virtually everywhere, whether you work from a home office or in an office building. Wooden office work desks also look more expensive; sometimes modern furniture can look a bit cheap, but wood has a richness to it you just can’t duplicate.

2. Marsala Paint

Just like wood, this colour is also warm and inviting. It became insanely popular by the end of last year and this year we expect this colour to reach many offices. This is a colour that is associated with wine and food which is a great way to make an office feel a little warmer and to make the space a little more comfortable. It’s certainly a rich warm colour, but it pairs perfectly with both warm and cool tones so it will certainly look great in every environment.

3. Leather Chairs

Nothing pairs better with wooden desks and Marsala paint quite like leather. Leather chairs feel more luxurious and they also look luxurious too. They are most definitely more aesthetically pleasing than, let’s say a plastic chair or those standard swivel chairs. They also offer you more back support than those plastic swivel chairs which can easily break. They make a person want to sit at their desk longer instead of sitting in a cold, hostile environment.

4. Plants

More people are adding plants into their office spaces and it’s not difficult to understand why. Some offices can feel lifeless and dull, adding some plant life to the environment will surely bring a little more life into the air. Nothing smells better than freshly cut flowers not to mention they are also visually stunning. When you have a little money to splurge, why not add some freshly cut flowers to your desk to create a space that looks and feels more inviting.

5. Blurred Lines

The main focus for office interior in 2016 seems to be blurring the lines between home and office. Office environments can get a bit dull so adding something familiar from home can really make it feel more comfortable. Being comfortable in your office environment can also boost your productivity. So why not incorporate some pieces of furniture you have at home or for something a little low key, add some trinkets or photos that remind you of something nice. Your office should be a warm and inviting place that you want to spend time in.