Yoga Meditation Pillows – Which is Right For You


There are a lot of different factors that weigh in when you’re trying to choose between yoga meditation pillows and which one would be right for you. The human body has many different curves and flat surfaces without the proper support our bodies need sitting on a flat surface can be uncomfortable and can result in misalignment. Yoga meditation pillows are a great way to make sure that your legs, hips, shoulders, spine, and neck are correctly aligned. Just like any other kind of activity, you need the right equipment to make sure that you are comfortable enough and getting the most out of it.


There are many different yoga meditation pillows that you can choose from so it can get a bit difficult to know which one is the right choice for you. Below we’ll go over a few different pillows and what they can offer you in order to make choosing the right one a little bit easier for you.

  • The standard rectangle pillow is great for everyday use. It’s a great pillow to support you while sitting and while doing shoulder stands. It makes everyday yoga and meditation a lot more comfortable than a standard mat or the floor. These types of yoga meditation pillows are great for someone who is taller and has a problem balancing on other pillows.
  • A round pleated pillow raises your hips and body giving you the right support. This pillow is a great choice for someone who is of an average height and have normal to above average flexibility. It is great for aligning your body into the right position for meditation.
  • The fortune cookie shaped pillow gives you the proper alignment but also gives you added comfort. It allows you to bring in your heels closer to your body and it works for almost everyone. This is not the kind of pillow you should be using if you are tall with limited flexibility.
  • A large rectangle pillow is great for those of you who have been practicing yoga for a while and only want a slight lift. It also allows you to position your heels in closer but may prove difficult for someone who it just beginning in yoga and meditation practices.
  • A knee support pillow is great for those of you who have problems with your knee joints. They give you that extra support you need on both your ankles and knees. This is usually placed underneath another pillow and helps to relieve pressure off these areas.

These are only but a few of the basic yoga meditation pillows out there. There are so many choices but these are a great place to start for nearly everybody. You should have a mat or bench for your lying postures as well. A pillow is great for sitting postures such as the lotus position and can really relieve pressure off the body. To be comfortable during yoga or meditation you need a firm foundation, your body should be aligned properly, and your breathing should be correct. Without these things, you can easily feel uncomfortable and get distracted easily by your bodies reactions. It is important to focus on your body and feel where the areas of discomfort are coming from so you know which areas need more support.

To get the most out of your yoga and meditation, you should invest in a good pillow. They help support you where you need it and help you align yourself properly. Choosing the right cushion should be based on your body and its needs. To reach the ultimate enlightenment, you should try a meditation pillow today and feel the difference.