When decorating our home, we all strive to make it as eye-catchy and comfortable as possible. With the wide range of furniture and other decorative pieces available on the market, it would be a sin not to wake up the designer in you. Rugs are an important part of any room décor as these versatile pieces have the power to instantly add a pop of colour and style to your home. Choosing the right floor rugs for your living space is important because they can either make or break the whole atmosphere in the room. So, if you want to positively use all of the advantages these decoration pieces offer, make sure you follow these simple decoration tips.

Floor rugs

Define areas

Separating a large room with a piece of furniture is not always a good idea as furniture tends to close the area and make it too small or hard to manoeuvre around. Instead, floor rugs can be used as room dividers. Therefore, when a bigger room or a studio apartment needs a little bit of definition, a simple rug can make a huge difference. You can use it to separate or define places in your home such as dining or seating areas, without breaking the whole appearance.

Create harmony

When decorating a room it is important to use furniture and decorative pieces that complement each other in style, so you can build a living area full of harmony. The same goes for floor rugs. If you want to add more than just one rug in your living space, make sure they are in a similar style, otherwise you could end up with an unpleasant effect and create an uninviting atmosphere.

Create variety

Using two rugs in the same style can complement your space, but using rugs with the same size can be boring and they can visually make the room smaller. So, in order to make your living space more playful yet stylish, make sure you buy floor rugs in different sizes.

Colour scheme

If you are about to decorate your new home, changing your rugs is a great way to start. Select your favourite colour and make them the basic decoration piece in the room. The next step is to choose the other pieces of furniture according to the rugs’ colour scheme. However, if you already have chosen your furniture, you can use rugs to simply accentuate the already existing colours.

Create a focal point

When decorating a room, it is great to have one point or item for that matter in that space that will catch the eye. If your new floor rugs are your favourite piece and you want to make them a focal point in the room, you can do this by creating a contrast with your wall colour. Just paint your walls with a colour that echoes one of the accent colours of your rug, and your goal is achieved.

Control the volume

Depending on the other furniture, you can use the rugs to add volume or to quieten a room. For example, if your sofa has an ornate pattern, or you have wallpapers in the same design, place a rug that is more delicate. Otherwise you can choose a rug with bolder colours or busier pattern to break the ordinary appearance and make the room more interesting and unique.

Play with shapes

Rectangular is the most common shape for rugs, but this does not mean it will complement your living space in the best possible way. Let the furniture and the rest of the décor in the room be your main guides about the shape of the rug you should purchase. Try to find out which shapes will best complement your furniture and then go with oval, round or a square rug, depending on your decision.

Get the right size

When looking to buy the right floor rugs, selecting the right size is of main importance. Leaving the floor and the edges bare will make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Also, when placing a rug under the dining table make sure the size is correct. This means when someone pull out the chair to sit, its back legs should still be on the rug.