Beeswax Food Wraps: Eco-Friendly Way to Keep Your Food Fresh

close-up of wrapped food with beeswax wraps

Every human being produces tons of waste each day. Even though you might not see it, our planet is suffocating with plastic and waste, which affects the flora and fauna, leading to the destruction of habitats and worsening climate change. If you’re looking for ways that could help you become more eco-friendly, but also spend less, then you can start with the small things. Like for instance, instead of storing food in plastic boxes and wraps, you can try using eco-friendly beeswax covers for food. They’re great for keeping your food fresh for longer and are unlike plastic, they are reusable and will help you save some money in the long run.

How Do Beeswax Food Covers Work? 

wrapped food with beeswax wraps

Wax paper or beeswax food covers are made of organic cotton coated with beeswax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. They’re designed to be used as an alternative food wrap and are also highly valued because of their antibacterial properties. Even though such a cover isn’t recommended for using with raw meat, it’s perfect for fruit, veggies, bread, cheese, baked goods, herbs and freeze-dried meals for hiking

Before use, soften the wax cover for food with the warmth of your hands so the paper has a slightly sticky feel. This way you can mould it around a container and stick it onto it. Later you can wash it and use it again. The fact that the basis consists of cotton fabric, means that the beeswax cover won’t tear after several uses and washes. 

If the eco-friendly factor isn’t enough to convince you, here are some other reasons why it’s smart to get a wax cover for food.  

The Benefits of These Eco-Friendly Food Covers

Wrapped food with wax covers

Keep Your Food Fresh for Longer

Food wrapped in beeswax wraps will last longer because the paper is breathable while still offering protection from outside factors. Wrapped in a wax cover your food can stay fresh for up to 5 days. You can try testing the beeswax paper with a lemon or an avocado; the lemon will stay fresh for up to one week, while the avocado will be good to use for up to 4 days.


This cover has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties just like honey does. And some covers are also treated with jojoba oil which also has antibacterial qualities. What’s more, all non-breathable covers can easily lead to mould developing on the food. With beeswax covers, this won’t happen. As a result, food poisoning is less likely to happen when your food is wrapped in such a cover. 


Since you can wash this paper, you won’t have to constantly buy new wrapping covers or Tupperware. If you want to save some money, this is a great way to do it; you can actually save up to 24 rolls of slim film on a yearly basis. Also, the fact that your food will remain in good condition for a longer time, means that you won’t have to throw it out. So, you’ll save some money on grocery shopping as well.

Freezer-Friendly, Compostable & Washable

The beeswax wrap can be used in the freezer for up to one month. It’s excellent to freeze bread this way and always have a fresh supply whenever you need some.

When it comes to cleaning, this cover can be hand washed with some soap and cold water to clean it. If it gets damaged and isn’t usable anymore you don’t need to throw out this paper and contribute to the landfills. Instead, you can put it into your composting bin and let it break down naturally without harming the planet in the process. When you switch to this type of cover, you will definitely lower your household waste and help the planet. 

How to Take Care of Your Cover? 

close-up of cleaned food wraps

Every brand has specific instructions on how to take care of its product. Most of them suggest the same – wash the cover with cool water and gentle soap. let it air dry and store it appropriately (flat to prevent crashing of the wax). However, it’s not a huge mistake if you fold it either. Just make sure not to use hot water or dry it on a hot heat source to prevent the wax from melting.

How Long Can Beeswax Covers Last? 

wax covers for food

Most beeswax food wraps can last for up to one year if you take proper care of them. Some may last even longer if you are extra careful when washing and storing them. According to some manufacturers, the wraps may be “refreshed” by re-melting the wax in the oven. To do so, place the beeswax cover on a baking tray and set the oven to the lowest temperature and let it melt up for about five minutes. This method isn’t suitable for all covers so be sure to read the instructions.