How to Choose the Right PAT Tester for Your Application

pat tester

Regularly PAT testing your appliances is of utmost importance. The PAT tester is a very useful device for detecting defects in electrical appliances that could pass unnoticed until they cause some major damage. Today, there are various models on the market that have different features and offer different benefits. Therefore, choosing the best model for your application requires some initial preparation and research.

Most testers nowadays come with dual voltage properties. The first thing to consider is the type of application you are going to be testing. This is really important because different appliances require different PAT Testers.

Domestic appliances can be tested with any type of PAT tester, so in this case a simple PAT checker is all you need. For industrial and IT equipment a specific PAT Tester is required. A tester that is designed to test the leakage current at 110V is perfect for industrial electrical appliances. The IT equipment like monitors, printers, computers etc. does not damage easily but should nonetheless be tested for electrical safety. For IT appliances that work with low voltage supply, the power supply itself should be tested. However, when the application works with a kettle type connector it should be tested with a PAT tester that is designed to do an earth continuity test at 100 or 200mA.

Another important factor when choosing a PAT tester is how often do you plan to preform PAT tests.

Basic PAT testers and PAT checkers are simple to use and are designed for testing a small number of appliances.

However, if you plan on preforming tests regularly, you’d definitely need a more advanced tester. With the ability of performing various testing process and modern features, the Mid-Range PAT tester is perfect for testing electrical appliances on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the most advanced model today is certainly the Downloadable PAT tester. It is mainly used for larger appliances and it has automated procedures that preform advanced PAT testing. This type of tester is also very convenient to use since you can record and manage data on its large memory storage. The Downloadable PAT tester is perfect for professionals – it tests the equipment efficiently while keeping records for the process like frequency, comments, type of testing, description, location etc.

Protection is essential for keeping the tester in good, working condition. Most PAT testers come in compact cases, which makes them easy to carry around and do the job anytime you may need to.