Discover the Different Types of Torch Diffusers and Filters


Many people use torches on a daily bases, whether it is a pocket torch or a full blown tactical one. They can come in very useful for activities such as camping, changing a tire or just when working around the house. Combining your flashlight with different types of tip diffusers can turn your regular torch in to a very useful multi tool. Diffusers are very useful for changing the light of your torch as to produce a certain colour or modify the look of your torch and turn it into a useful traffic wand. Read on to discover the different types of diffusers and filter and how they can modify your torch.

Flashlight Traffic Wand

One of the more popular diffusers on the market today are the traffic wand flashlight diffusers. They are usually orange or red plastic covers that go over the front of your torch and transform it into a traffic wand. These types of diffusers are cone shaped and extend several cm from the tip of your flashlight. They suppress the light inside the cone reducing its brightness and turning the colour of the light to the colour of the cone thus turning it into a useful traffic wand. These diffusers can be very useful if you find yourself stuck on the road and you need to signal your location and redirect traffic.

Flashlight Filters

The most popular colours used for filters are red, green and blue. The colour of the flashlight is changed in order to be useful for different situations, each for a specific purpose. Red filters are most effective at preserving your natural night vision and are most frequently used when hunting, camping or fishing, since red light doesn’t spook animals. Green, on the other hand, is very easy on the human eye and very visible to us too while remaining invisible to animals. Green light is also useful for around your camp site as it doesn’t attract insects. And finally blue, which is used most frequently by law enforcement agencies as it more clearly revelas if a person is sweating or has blood on them. Blue light is also useful for hunting for these reasons, although not as effective as red.

Flashlight Cone Diffuser

These types of flashlight diffusers are almost identical to the traffic wand model. The difference is in their size. Cone diffusers are larger in size as they are often mounted on large torches such as tactical or military torches. They have a wider diameter and longer cone which can be visible to oncoming cars from far away. They are essentially used for the same purpose usually for redirecting traffic, however more often by law enforcement agencies.