Tropical Embrace: How to Give Your Home That Exotic Jungle Vibe


Every year when the summer comes, many of us start dreaming about an exotic getaway, far from our air-conditioned living spaces in a concrete jungle. So, if you feel like it might be a good idea to make your home look like your vacation destination, consider the tropical interiors trend. It’s taking over modern homes, together with wooden furniture as it’s often used to give a natural vibe to interior settings. If you are working with a limited budget, you can introduce just a few items, such as a wooden coffee table, woven hanging swing, rattan chairs or else.

There are many different ways you can add a tropical theme to your living space, including fun patterns, natural textures and bright colours. Tropical décor is bold and cheerful, with palm trees, beach motifs and a lot of ocean blue, sea green and pink. Some of the easiest, yet effective ways to introduce tropical patterns into your home décor is to use palm tree print pillows or bamboo wallpapers.

Palm Tree Cushions

One of the most affordable ways to make your home look like an exotic location is to use patterned accessories that will promote a relaxed and joyful ambience. Palm trees have the power to instantly evoke the tropical vibe, so you can choose palm tree print pillows, jazz up a boring sofa or bed and tie the theme of your space. This famous tree is often found in tropical-inspired home decors and can evoke a laidback atmosphere in any room.

Cushions are powerful decorative accessories and can make your place cosier, more comfortable and more colourful. Palm tree cushions are an easy and cost-effective way to successfully bring a refreshing feel and relaxed aesthetic to different areas of your home. If you want to make a powerful statement in your interior setting, you can mix cushions in different shapes.


Square decorative pillows can bring balance and proportion to any room and their versatile shape allows you to pair them with almost any other to enhance your home décor. Rectangular shaped cushions, on the other hand, can give a sharp, clean look to the room and are one of the most used types of decorative cushions in modern home interiors.

If you want to maintain the casual, relaxed vibe throughout your home, arrange an odd number of cushions on your living room sofa or on your bed. Odd numbers look more artful, while even numbers appeal more traditional. However, the thing about an even number of decorative cushions is that they can provide symmetry to the room, so arranging two or four cushions on your sofa or bed is a great idea if you want to create a clean, balanced look.

Bamboo Wallpapers

Trends repeat themselves in cycles, and in the decorating world, wallpapers have made a great comeback in the past few years. In the past, wallpapers used to be the most famous wall treatment and thanks to the development of the printing and manufacturing processes, they are back in trend again.

To keep up with the tropical trend this season, adorn a room with bamboo wallpaper designs and then mix with cushions and throws in rich hues to add some warmth to the overall look and feel of your space. Tropical wallpapers are the current favourite among designers and homeowners and are a great choice for those who like to experiment with a bit more colour and patterns.

If you want to turn to the wild side and introduce natural patterns to your interior setting, you can choose from a wide range of bamboo wallpaper designs that can add a tropical feeling to your home without changing other aspects of your space.


The tropical theme is chic and welcoming and can bring freshness to any room of your home, regardless of its size. The leafy charm can easily create a focal point in the room, with its fresh and modern appearance. Depending on your preferences, you can either adorn every wall in the room with the serenity of the pattern or limit your bamboo design to one wall only, using a bold or large floral print that will work well as a statement feature.

One of the greatest advantages of wallpapers is the simple and easy installing and removal process. Also, wallpapers are durable and a quality one can last from 10 to 15 years, they are easy to clean and most importantly, give a customised, individual and unique appearance to your living space.

Some Extra Tips

Your home can benefit from introducing plant life and true nature is a great way to add a splash of tropical décor to your space. Having plants is great for air purifying and relieving stress as well. Make sure to choose plants that will suit your prevailing tropical décor. Tropical plants are well prepared for staying inside and some can even thrive all year round.

If you are not so good at taking care of your plants and can’t invest enough time to nurture them, you can call self-watering planter boxes to the rescue, so you will not have to worry about watering your plants anymore. They have a sleek and modern look and can easily fit in your tropical-inspired home interiors, just make sure you don’t lose sight of your basic colour palette.