Ways to Make Your House a Cat Friendly Home

Vebo 3-level Jumbo Cat Cage with Wheels
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Welcoming a new pet in your life is always an exciting adventure. Especially if you’re adopting a cat. Cats are wonderful creatures full of love. They’re playful and love to spend time with their owners even if it doesn’t seem so. However, before bringing a cat into the house, you should make some changes, add some accessories that will make the pet’s life much easier and turn your home into a cat-friendly environment.

Well-Designed Cat Enclosure

VEBO 3-Level Collapsible Cat Ferret and Small Animal Cage with Wheels
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When you’re welcoming a cat into your home, you should provide it with a space where it can be both safe and entertained at the same time. These enclosures mostly serve for transportation purposes, but you can also use them inside the house or in the backyard. It’s a very safe and efficient way to keep your cat protected while travelling.

They’re usually made of sturdy and durable metals so they can withstand every weather condition, lots of bumps and scratches and liquids. You’ll find a variety of sturdy and durable cat cages for sale. Just make sure you’re buying from a reliable supplier, someone who’s got experience in the business.

When it comes to size, these cages can vary. They can go from 120 to 200cm in height and can be wider or narrower depending on the size of the cat. Some of them have removable platforms that can transform the cage into a 3-layered fun playground for your furry friend. These layered cages have ladders as well to help the cat climb to every platform and enjoy the view.

Most of them are customisable with the platforms so you can create a cage your cat will enjoy and maximise the movement space. The door size is also quite generous so you can easily settle the litter tray in and out. Another great thing about them is that they’re fully collapsable. This makes the cages easy to store, transport and carry around.

You don’t need any tools to fold or unfold the cage. Just pull up the sides and secure the top with the side hooks. Having this enclosure in your home can be a game changer for both you and the cat. It’s the perfect solution if you want it to get some fresh air but there are many predators outdoors. The cat will stay outside, and enjoy some sun and fresh air while being safe and secure.

Comfortable Bed

It’s not always an easy task to choose the proper cat bed. Cats are considered lazy creatures, and they might fall asleep anywhere. Some cats like to share the bed with you. Some cat owners are happy to do so, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a good option. There are a few things to consider when buying a cat bed. The first and most important one is the material.

You may not know this, but cats are prone to allergies. So, make sure you choose a bed made of natural materials such as cotton, wool or bamboo. All of them are breathable, and comfortable and won’t trap moisture and odours. Next, is the bed’s size. This mostly depends on the size of the cat and the space you have available.

Some cat owners make the mistake of buying a small bed because they see the cat curled up in its sleep. But this is wrong, cats also stretch while sleeping and they need a bed that won’t let their head or paws hand from it. Measure the length of your pet to see what size to look for. If you’re looking at some cat cages for sale, consider the size of the cage as well, because you might have to place the bed inside.

Probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a cat bed is one that is circular. Though they may vary in shape, size, colour, and material, they usually include a cushion in the centre and raised sides. Cat caves are also a nice option. They give shy cats some personal space. A cat igloo bed can be your cat’s safe haven. It’ll provide it with a good space to sleep, rest and get some privacy.

Proper Litter Box

Proper Litter Box for cats
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Because cats are incredibly tidy and self-aware animals, finding a suitable litter box is crucial. Think about the size first. Larger cats will naturally prefer to use larger litter boxes, and vice versa. The cat should fit its whole body inside and be able to turn. Next, pay attention to the litter’s wall height. Smaller kittens and disabled cats should have shorter walls.

Adult cats with normal bodily functions will require taller, or normal litter walls. While some cats like firmer surfaces like tiles, others prefer softer ones like blankets and carpets. Consider changing the box’s interior surface if your cat doesn’t use it.

Avoid placing the litter box close to machines that make loud noises like washing machines. A good place for a litter box is the hallways or the bathroom. Sometimes even the cat cage can be a good spot. Also, make sure it’s far away from its food and water bowls.

Scratch Post

No cat owner wants to see their sofa, table, curtains or pillows scratched and damaged. That’s why you should invest in a cat scratch post. These things come in different sizes and designs. They can have beds, platforms, dangling toys and hiding boxes. Besides serving as a scratch post, they’ll also be a nice entertaining area.

The main feature is the upright wooden poles layered in sisal or carpet. This is the spot where your cat can do all the scratching it needs. It has to be tall enough so the cat can fully extend while scratching. Make sure it’s made of durable and sturdy materials so it can withstand all the scratches and playfulness of your feline friend.

The post should have both vertical and horizontal posts. The vertical ones should have a sturdy base, so they won’t tip off. They’re perfect for young and active cats. Horizontal ones are better for old, and disabled cats. There are also hanging scratch poles that are perfect for young and agile kittens. Whichever you choose, make sure your kitty is safe, cosy and comfortable using it.